Authorized Signers Conflict of Interest

Authorized Signature and Conflict of Interest Policy


To ensure that all financial transactions are properly approved, the Controller's Office must have a record of all authorized signers for each org. Authorized signature forms must be updated at the start of each academic year. In addition, changes to the authorized signer list during the year must be communicated to the Controller's Office. The Controller's Office must also have Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements in accordance with the College’s Business Conduct Policy issued in March 2006 and updated in March 2013. A separate Conflict of Interest Disclosure statement must be completed and submitted electronically by any individual that is listed on the Authorized Signature Form.

No financial transactions i.e. invoices, check requests, traval expense reports, petty cash requests and journal entries may be processed without the proper Signature Authorization and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement on file.

The authorized signers for a fund/grant or org are expected to follow all requirements for any financial transactions with the Controller's Office, e.g. attaching original receipts to a check request form, fill in all required employee/student ID numbers, etc. The Primary Authorized official on this form is considered to be the financial manager ultimately responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions do not exceed the authorized budget. The individuals listed on this form have authority for the organization code under the general operating fund as well as gift and endowment funds.


The Authorized Signature Form is completed and submitted electronically each year through My Wellesley at the beginning of each academic year. Primary authorized officials from the prior year will receive an email from the Controller's Office reminding them about this annual process for the current year. The form expires on August 31st of the following year.

Detailed instructions on completing this form through the My Apps tab on My Wellesley may be found by clicking here.  (New process is under construction.)

If at any time during the year you wish to add or remove anyone from the Authorized Signature List for your department, please complete a new online Authorized Signature form though My Wellesley (see instructions here)(New process is under construction.). If you are monitoring a grant that has expired, please advise us as soon as possible via email.

Once you have submitted the online Authorized Signature Form, the Primary Authorized Person will receive an email from the system for their approval of those authorized to sign for the budget. This approval must be done by going to the My Apps tab in My Wellesley and clicking on "Approve Auth Signers" under the Authorized Signers apps.

The Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement should be completed and submitted electronically through Workday by all individuals listed as an Authorized signer.

Please click here to access this electronic form. Detailed instructions on completing the Disclosure Statement can be found by clicking here. (New process is under construction.)