Rush Payments


Generally, Accounts Payable requires 7-10 business days for processing payments. In the rare instances where a rush check is required, the request must be approved by Dotti Koulalis, Accounts Payable Manager.

Excessive requests for rush checks will be reviewed by the Controller.


To request a rush check, you must contact Dotti Koulalis for approval. After approval is received, ‘RUSH’ must be noted on the invoice or check request and hand-carried to Dottie Koulalis for processing. You should contact Accounts Payable to confirm that the check has been cut. At this time, you may make arrangements to pick up the check and notifying the Controller’s Office of the name of the individual picking up the check. The check should be picked up at the Cashier’s Window.

Please see the Cashier’s Window policy for more information.