Paying by Wire


The College makes payments to vendors with checks in US dollars. Certain payments are required to be made in a foreign currency or via wire. All foreign currency payments must be made via wire transfer.

The bank charges the College an additional fee for wire transfers. Departments requesting wire transfers will be charged the bank fee. The current fee is $10 for each wire transaction and is subject to change. Please note that due to the importance of the accuracy of the banking and account information, the Wire Request forms must be typed. Payments by wire requested on handwritten Wire Request Forms will not be processed.

The department is responsible for obtaining all appropriate wiring and banking information. An additional fee will be charged to the departments for any incorrect information resulting in a need to re-send the wire.

All wires must follow existing Accounts Payable policies for expenditures and payment terms.


Request for wires should be made on the Wire Request Form.

Forward form with supporting documentation to Wire Draft Email: for processing.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.