Paying Supplier no Invoice

Other Supplier Payment Policy


This policy covers the payment to suppliers where an invoice is not available. Examples of such payments include conference fees, memberships, and prepayments.

Per IRS requirements, certain vendor information must be provided before a payment may be made. All requests for payments must be approved by an authorized individual. If the request for payment is to be charged to a grant or contract provided by a sponsor external to the College, the invoice must also be approved the Associate Controller of Sponsored Research.


Information on new suppliers should be entered on the New Supplier Form. Please have the supplier complete this form and forward it to Accounts Payable for processing.

To request a payment to the supplier:

  1. Complete a Check Request Form with all required information including address.
  2. Create a Supplier Invoice Request.
  3. Fill in the Worktags with the required information. The FOPAL to Worktags map will assist in translating information to the correct Worktags.
  4. Attach appropriate documentation.


Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.