Marjorie Agosin

Professor of Spanish


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Chris R. Arumainayagam

Professor of Chemistry


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Efe Murat Balikcioglu

Visiting Lecturer in Religion


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Daniela Bartalesi-Graf

Lecturer in Italian Studies

italian studies

Bartalesi-Graf, Daniela, L'Italia dal fascismo ad oggi: percorsi paralleli nella storia, nella letteratura e nel cinema. Guerra Edizioni: Perugia. (2019).

James B.R. Battat

Associate Professor of Physics


Nakazawa, M.; Kishishita, T.; Shoji, M.; Sakashita, K.; Ikeda, T.; Ishiura, H.; Battat, J.; Nicoloff, C.; Tanaka, M.; Hasegawa, T.; Miuchi, K. “Prototype Analog Front-end for Negative-ion Gas and Dual-phase Liquid-Ar TPCs.” Journal of Instrumentation. Volume 14, No. 1. (2019).

Rebecca Bedell

Professor of Art


Bedell, Rebecca. Moved to Tears: Rethinking the Art of the Sentimental in the United States. Princeton University Press. (November 2018).

Bedell, Rebecca. “Asher Durand’s Progress Reconsidered.” Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art. Volume 5, No. 1. (Spring 2019).

Rebecca Belisle

Assistant Professor of Physics


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Patricia Gray Berman

Theodora L. and Stanley H. Feldberg Professor of Art


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Steven Biller

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

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Daniel J. Brabander

Frost Professor in Environmental Science

environmental studies

Smith, J. P.; Brabander, D. J.; Panek, L. A.; Besancon J. R. “Enrichment of potentially toxic elements in the fine fraction of soils from Iraq and Kuwait.” Journal of Soils and Sediments. (2019).

Heather Corbally Bryant

Lecturer in the Writing Program

writing program

Bryant, Heather Corbally. James Joyce’s Water Closet. Georgetown: Finishing Line Press. (2018).

Bryant, Heather Corbally. Leaving Santorini. Georgetown: Finishing Line Press. (2019).

Kellie Cherie Carter Jackson

Knafel Assistant Professor of Humanities; Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

Africana Studies

Jackson, Kellie. Force and Freedom: Black Abolitionists and the Politics of Violence. University of Pennsylvania Press. (2019).

Linda Charmaraman

Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women

wellesley centers for women

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Stephen Chen

Assistant Professor of Psychology


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Courtney C. Coile

Professor of Economics


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Catia Confortini

Associate Professor of Peace and Justice Studies

peace studies

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Mary D. Coyne

Professor Emerita of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

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Selwyn R. Cudjoe

Professor of Africana Studies

africana studies

Cudjoe, Selwyn R. The Slave Master of Trinidad: William Hardin Burnley and the Nineteenth-Century World. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press. (2018).

Cudjoe, Selwyn R. “C.L.R. James: Plumbing His Caribbean Roots.” Marxism, Colonialism, and Cricket. Featherstone, David. Durham: Duke University Press. (2018).

Louise Darling

Knafel Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

biological sciences

Darling, L.E.O.; Elmore, D.E.; Wade, H.M. “Hybrids made from antimicrobial peptides with different mechanisms of action show enhanced membrane permeabilization.” Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Biomembranes. (2019).

Venita Datta

Professor of French


Datta, V.; Accampo, E. “Patriarchy, Protection, and Women’s Agency in Modern France.” French Historical Studies. Volume 42, No. 3. (August 2019).

Elizabeth R. DeSombre

Camilla Chandler Frost Professor of Environmental Studies

environmental studies

Barkin, J.S.; DeSombre, E.R.; Ishii, A.; Sakaguchi, I. “Domestic Sources of International Fisheries Diplomacy: A Framework of Analysis.” Marine Policy. Volume 94, p.256 - 263. (August 2018).

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* denotes student author

Christen Deveney

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Cerny, B.M.; Strange, J.P.; Kling, L.R.; Hamlat, E.J.; O’Donnell, L.A.; Deveney, C.M.; Langenecker, S.A. “Self-reported affective biases, but not all affective performance biases, are present in depression remission.” British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Volume 58, p.274 - 288. (2019).

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Carol Dougherty

Professor of Classical Studies

classical studies

Dougherty, Carol. Travel and Home in Homer and Contemporary Literature. Oxford University Press. (2019).

Susan H. Ellison

Assistant Professor of Anthropology


Ellison, Susan H. “Painted by Default: Public Shaming and Graffiti on the Homefront,” American Anthropologist. (2019).

Donald E. Elmore

Professor of Chemistry


Wade, H. M.; Darling, L.E.O.; Elmore, D.E. “Hybrids made from antimicrobial peptides with different mechanisms of action show enhanced membrane permeabilization.” BBA—Biomembranes. (2019).

Oscar E. Fernandez

Associate Professor of Mathematics


Fernandez, O.E.; Radhakrishnan, M. “The Quantum Mechanics of a Rolling Molecular “Nanocar.”” Scientific Reports. Volume 8. (2018).

Fernandez, Oscar E. Calculus Simplified. Princeton University Press. (2019).

Richard G. French

Louise Sherwood McDowell and Sarah Frances Whiting Professor of Astrophysics

Professor of Astronomy


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Anne T. Gillain

Professor Emerita of French


Gillain, Anne T. Tout Truffaut, 23 films pour comprendre l'homme et le cinéaste. Armand Colin: Paris. (2019).

Leigh Gilmore

Distinguished Visiting Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

women's and gender studies

Gilmore, L.; Marshall, E. Witnessing Girlhood: Toward an Intersectional Tradition of Life Writing. Fordham University Press. (2019).

Gilmore, L. Tainted Witness: Why We Doubt What Women Say About Their Lives. Columbia University Press. (2018).

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Tracy R. Gladstone

Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women

wellesley centers for women

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Tracy R. Gleason

Professor of Psychology


Naravaez, D.; Wang, L.; Cheng, A.; Gleason, T.; Woodbury, R.; Kurth, A.; Lefever, J.B. “The importance of early life touch for psychosocial and moral development.” Psicologia: Reflexão e Crítica. Volume 32. (in press).

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Sharon M. H. Gobes

Associate Professor of Neuroscience


Huang, Z.; Khaled, H.G.; Kirschmann, M.; Gobes, S.M.H.; Hahnloser, R.H.R. “Excitatory and inhibitory synapse turnover associated with song learning in zebra finches.” eLife. (2018).

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Stacie Goddard

Professor of Political Science

political science

Goddard, Stacie. When Right Makes Might: Rising Powers and the Challenge to World Order. Cornell Studies in Security Affairs. (December 2018).

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Goddard, Stacie. “The US and China are playing a dangerous game. What comes next?” Washington Post. (October 3, 2018).

K. E. Goldschmitt

Assistant Professor of Music


Goldschmitt, K. E. “From Rio to São Paulo: Shifting Urban Landscapes and Global Strategies for Brazilian Music.” Sounds of the City. Wagg, S.; Lashua, B.; Spracklen, K. Volume 2. p.103–22. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. (2019).

Goldschmitt, K.E. Bossa Mundo: Brazilian Music in Transnational Media Industries. Oxford University Press. (2019).

John Goss

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Kwon, L.; Magee, E.M.; Crayton, A.; Goss, J.W. “Fission yeast type 2 node proteins Blt1p and Gef2p cooperate to ensure timely completion of cytokinesis.” BMC Molecular and Cell Biology. Volume 20, No. 1, p.1 - 12. (2019).

Brenna W. Greer

Associate Professor of History


Greer, Brenna. Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship. University of Pennsylvania Press. (2019).

Jenny Grossman

Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women

wellesley centers for women

Grossman, J.M.; Lynch, A.D.; Richer, A.M.; DeSouza, L.M.; Ceder, I. “Extended-family talk about sex and teen sexual behavior.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Volume 16, No. 3, p.480. (2019).

Scott E. Gunther

Professor of French


Gunther, Scott E. “Making Sense of the Anti-same-sex-marriage Movement in France,” French Politics, Culture and Society. Volume 37, Issue 2. (Summer 2019).

Gunther, S.E.; Poulin-Deltour, W. Modern and Contemporary France, Volume 27, Issue 2. (Summer 2019).

Michael J. Hearn

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry


Hearn, M.J.; Pugh, C.; Cynamon, M.H. Functionalized Sulfa Drugs in Antitubercular Drug Design. “Novel Approaches: Therapies, Diagnostics and Drug Discovery for Mycobacteria.” American Society for Microbiology. San Francisco, California.(2019).

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Beth Ann Hennessey

Professor of Psychology


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Rosanna Hertz

Class of 1919 - 50th Reunion Professor of Women and Gender Studies

women's and gender studies

Hertz, R.; Nelson, M.K. Random Families: Genetic Strangers, Sperm Donor Siblings and the Creation of New Kin. New York and London: Oxford University Press. (2019).

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Philip Steven Hirschhorn

Professor of Mathematics


Hirschhorn, P.S.; Volić, I. “Functors Between Reedy Model Categories of Diagrams.” North-Western European Journal of Mathematics. Volume 5, p.21 - 67. (2019).

Soo Hong

Whitehead Associate Professor of Critical Thought; Associate Professor of Education


Hong, Soo. Natural Allies: Hope and Possibility in Teacher-Family Partnerships. Harvard Education Press.

William A. Joseph

Professor of Political Science

political science

Joseph, William A. Politics in China: An Introduction, 3rd edition. New York: Oxford University Press. (2019).

Joseph P. Joyce

M. Margaret Ball Professor of International Relations; Professor of Economics


Joyce, J.P. “Partners, not Debtors: The External Liabilities of Emerging Market Economies.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Volume 157. (January 2019).

Margaret Keane

Denise Kellen '68 Professor in the Health Sciences; Professor of Psychology


Verfaellie, M.; Wank, A.A.; Reid, A. G.; Race, E.; Keane, M.M. “Self-related processing and future thinking: distinct contributions of ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the medial temporal lobes.” Cortex. Volume 115, p. 159-171. (2019).

Sari Kerr

Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women, Lecturer in Economics


Kerr, S.P.; Kerr, W.R. “Global Collaborative Parents.” Economic Journal. Volume 128. (2018).

Kerr, S.P.; Kerr, W.R. “Immigrant Networking and Collaboration: Survey Evidence from CIC.” The Roles of Immigrants and Foreign Students in U.S. Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Ganguli, I.; Kahn, S.; MacGarvie, M. University of Chicago Press. (forthcoming).

Yu Jin Ko

Professor of English


Ko, Yu Jin. “Review: Othello.” Shakespeare Bulletin. Volume 37, No. 2. (2019).

Ko, Yu Jin. “Review: The Traveling Theatre of Noh Poong-Chan.” Shakespeare Bulletin. Volume 36, No. 4. (2019).

Ko, Yu Jin. “Review: Richard III in Seoul.” Shakespeare Bulletin. Volume 36, No. 3. (2018).

Jens Kruse

Professor Emeritus of German


Kruse, Jens. “Book Review: Benjamin Balint, Kafka’s Last Trial. The Case of a Literary Legacy.” Society. New York. (2019).

Flavia Laviosa

Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies

italian studies

Laviosa, Flavia. “The use of archival footage for a ‘retelling’ of twentieth century Italian history. An interview with Giovanna Gagliardo.” Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies. Volume 7, No. 2, p.117-123. (2019).

Yoon Sun Lee

Professor of English


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Peggy Levitt

Luella LaMer Slaner Professor in Latin American Studies; Professor of Sociology


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Igor O. Logvinenko

Associate Professor of Political Science

political science

Logvinenko, Igor O. “Before the interests are invested: disputes over asset control and equity market restrictions in Russia.” Review of International Political Economy. Volume 26, No. 4, p.695 - 721. (2019).

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Margery Lucas

Professor of Psychology and Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences


Levitt, A.; Lucas, M. “Effects of four voice qualities and formant dispersion on perception of a female voice.” Psychology of Language and Communication. (2018).

Kathryn L. Lynch

Katharine Lee Bates and Sophie Chantal Hart Professor of English


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Paul K. MacDonald

Associate Professor of Political Science

political science

Goddard, S.; MacDonald, P.; Nexon, D. “Repertoires of Statecraft: Instruments and Logics of Power Politics.” International Affair. Volume 33, No. 2, p.304 - 321. (June 2019).

MacDonald, Paul K. “America First? Explaining Continuity and Change in Trump’s Foreign Policy.” Political Science Quarterly. Volume 133, No. 3, p.401 - 434. (Fall 2018).

Layli Maparyan

Professor of Africana Studies, Katherine Stone Kaufmann ’67 Executive Director of the Wellesley Centers for Women

africana studies

Maparyan, Layli. “Spirituality in the classroom: Some womanist reflections.” Building womanist coalitions: Writing and teaching in the spirit of love. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press. (2019).

Maparyan, Layli. “Social justice and luxocracy.” Black women and social justice education: Legacies and lessons. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. (2019).

Stephen Anthony Marini

Elisabeth Luce Moore Professor of Christian Studies; Professor of Religion


Marini, Stephen A. “American Harmony: Inspired Choral Miniatures from New England, Appalachia, the Mid-Atlantic, the South, and the Midwest.” The New England Quarterly XCII. p.143 - 146. (March 2019).

Catherine Masson

Professor of French


Masson, Catherine. “Valeur dramatique des pièces d’Olympe de Gouges.” Le Jardin d’essai, La nouvelle revue, Paris. (2018).

Masson, Catherine. “Loupe scientifique et loupe poétique dans Laura, Voyage dans le cristal.” Laura, voyage dans le cristal de George Sand. (2019).

Erich Hatala Matthes

Associate Professor of Philosophy


Matthes, Erich. “Cultural Appropriation and Oppression.” Philosophical Studies. Volume 176, No. 4, p.1003 - 1013. (2019).

Matthes, Erich. “Who Owns Up to the Past? Heritage and Historical Injustice.” Journal of the American Philosophical Association. Volume 4, No. 1, p.87 - 104. (2018).

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Matthes, Erich. “Review of Things: In Touch with the Past by Carolyn Korsmeyer.” The Philosopher’s Magazine. No. 86, 2nd Quarter. (2019).

Jaclyn Hatala Matthes

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Jevon, F.V.; D’Amato, A.W.; Woodall, C.W.; Griffin, K.; Ayres, M.; Matthes, J.H. “Tree basal area and conifer abundance predict soil carbon stocks and concentrations in an actively managed forest of northern New Hampshire, USA.” Forest Ecology & Management. (2019).

Adam G. Matthews

Lecturer in Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Ciccone, D.N.; Namiki, Y.; Chen, C.; Morshead, K.B.; Wood, A.L.; Johnston, C.M.; Morris, J.W.; Wang, Y.; Sadreyev, R.; Corcoran, A.E.; Matthews A.G.W.; Oettinger, M.A. “The murine IgH locus contains a distinct DNA sequence motif for the chromatic regulatory factor CTCF.” J Biol Chem. (2019).

Patrick J. McEwan

Professor of Economics


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Hajj, N.; McEwan, P.J.; Turkington, R. “Women, information ecology, and political protest in the Middle East.” Mediterranean Politics. Volume 24, p.62 - 83. (2019).

Mary Kate McGowan

Margaret Clapp ’30 Distinguished Alumna Professor of Philosophy


McGowan, Mary Kate. Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm. Oxford University Press. (2019).

McGowan, Mary Kate. “Speech, Permissibility and the Social World.” New Directions in Speech and Act Theory. p.185 - 201. Oxford University Press. (2018).

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McGowan, Mary Kate. New Books in Philosophy Podcast. Interview with Robert Talisse about Just Words: On Speech and Hidden Harm. (2019).

Peggy McIntosh

Senior Research Scientist, Wellesley Centers for Women

wellesley centers for women

McIntosh, Peggy. On Privilege, Fraudulence, and Teaching As Learning: Selected Essays 1981-2019. Routledge. (2019).

Kim Katris McLeod

Professor of Astronomy


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P. Takis Metaxas

Professor of Computer Science

computer science

Metaxas, P.T.; Pollalis, C.; Grevet, C.; Westendorf, L.; Shaer, C. “Classroom activity for critical analysis of news propagation online.” CHI 2018. (2018).

Metaxas, P.T.; Head, A.; Wihbey, J.; MacMillan, M.; Cohen, D. “How Students Engage with News.” Project Information Literacy. (2018).

Susan L. Meyer

Professor of English


Meyer, Susan L. Matzah Belowstairs. Mette Engell. NY: Kar-Ben Books. (February 2019).

Legend, Lamar. New Shoes. Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle. (2018 - 2019 Season).

Ethel L. Mickey

Visiting Lecturer in Sociology


Mickey, Ethel L. “When Gendered Logics Collide: Going Public and Restructuring in a High-Tech Organization.” Gender & Society. Volume 33, No. 4, p. 509-533. (2019).

Mickey, Ethel L. “‘Eat, Pray, Love Bullshit’: Women’s Empowerment through Wellness at an Elite Professional Conference.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Volume 48, No, 1, p. 103-127. (2019).

Blum, L.M.; Mickey, E.L. “Protesting Sexual Violence on Campus, Then and Now.” The Handbook of Contemporary Feminism. New York: Routledge. (2019).

Marianne V. Moore

Frost Professor Emerita in Environmental Science; Professor of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Bowmann, L.L. Jr.; MacGuigan, D.J.; Gorchels, M.E.; Cahillane, M.M.; Moore, M.V. “Revealing paraphyly and placement of extinct species within Epischura (Copepoda: Calanoida) using molecular data and quantitative morphometrics.” Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 140: 1-7. (2019).

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Codruţa Morari

Associate Professor of Cinema & Media Studies and French

cinema and media studies

Morari, Codruta. “European Auteurs Revisit the Western. Thomas Bidegain’s Les Cowboys (2015) and Valeska Grisebach’s Western (2017).” New German Critique. Volume 138, p.11 - 34. (Fall 2019).

Morari, Codruta. “‘Equality Must Be Defended!’ Cinephilia and Democracy.” Distributions of the Sensible: Rancière, Between Aesthetics and Politics. Evanston: Northwestern University Press. (2019).

Craig N. Murphy

Betty Freyhof Johnson ’44 Professor of Political Science

political science

Murphy, C.; Yates, J. Engineering Rules: Global Standard Setting since 1880. Johns Hopkins University Press. (2019).

Jacqueline Marie Musacchio

Professor of Art


Musacchio, Jacqueline Marie. “Florence, the Medici, and Bianca Cappello in the Collections of Horace Walpole (1717 - 1797).” The British Art Journal. Volume 20, No. 1, p.50 - 61. (2019).

Musacchio, Jacqueline Marie. “At Home Abroad: Anne Whitney and American Women Artists in Late Nineteenth-Century Italy.” Center 38. Record of Activities and Research Reports July 2017 - May 2018. p. 152 - 255. (2018).

Eni Mustafaraj

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

computer science

Mustafaraj, E.; Huang, D.; Zhu, Y. “How Dependable are "First Impressions" to Distinguish between Real and Fake News Websites?” The 30th ACM HyperText and Social Media Conference. (2019).

Mustafaraj, E.; Lurie, E. “Opening Up the Black Box: Auditing Google’s Top Stories Algorithm.” The 32nd AAAI FLAIRS Conference. (2019).

Mustafaraj, E.; Umarova, K. “How Partisanship and Perceived Political Bias Affect Wikipedia Entries of News Sources.” The WWW ’19 Companion Proceedings of the 2019 World Wide Web Conference. (2019).

Jennifer Musto

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

women's and gender studies

Musto, Jennifer. “Transing critical criminology: A critical unsettling and transformative anti-carceral feminist reframing.” Critical Criminology. Volume 27, No. 1, p.37 - 54. (2019).

Musto, Jennifer. “Reflection IV.” Information, Technology and Control in a Changing World. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. (2019).

Alejandra B. Osorio

Associate Professor of History


Osorio, Alejandra B. "The copy as original: the presence of the absent Spanish Habsburg king and colonial hybridity.” Renaissance Studies. (2019).

Susan M. Reverby

Marion Butler McLean Professor Emerita in the History of Ideas; Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

women's and gender studies

Reverby, Susan. “Can There Be Acceptable Prison Health Care? Looking Back on the 1970s.” Public Health Reports. p.89 - 93. (January 2019).

Reverby, Susan. “How All Politics Became Reproductive Politics: From Welfare Reform to Foreclosure to Trump by Laura Briggs.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Volume 45, No. 1, p.251 - 252. (Autumn 2019).

Petra R. Rivera-Rideau

Assistant Professor of American Studies

american studies

Rivera-Rideau, P.; Torres-Leschnik, J. “The Colors and Flavors of My Puerto Rico: Mapping “Despacito”’s Crossovers.” Journal of Popular Music Studies. Volume 31, No. 1, p.87 - 108. (2019).

Nicholas L. Rodenhouse

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Harris, J.E.; Rodenhouse, N.L.; Holmes, R.T. “Decline in Beetle Abundance and Diversity in an Intact Temperate Forest Linked to Climate Warning.” Biological Conservation. (2019).

Ozersky, T.; Nakov, T.; Hampton, S.; Rodenhouse, N.L.; Shchapov, K.; Woo, K.H.; Wright, K.; Pislegina, H.; Izmest'eva, L.R.; Silow, E.A.; Timofeev, M.A. "Hot and sick: impacts of warming and oomycete parasite infection on endemic dominant zooplankter of Lake Baikal.” (2019).

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Daniel Ryan

Music Performance Faculty in Keyboard Skills


Two critical editions of 18th-century chamber music works from the library of Thomas Jefferson:

Carlo Antonio Campioni: Trio Sonata in C Major for two flutes or violins and continuo, op. 4, no. 6m, Edited by Daniel Ryan and Suzanne Stumpf, Continuo realization by Daniel Ryan, OPR Editions edit0037, 2019.

Carlo Tessarini: Sonata in G Major for flute and continuo, op. 2, no. 11, Edited by Daniel Ryan and Suzanne Stumpf, Continuo realization by Daniel Ryan, 2019.

Inela Selimović

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Selimović, Inela. The Feeling Child: Affect and Politics in Latin American Literature and Film. Lanham: Lexington Press. (2018).

Selimović, Inela. “Review of The Taste of the Earth by Hedy Habra.” World Literature Today. (Fall, 2019).

Selimović, Inela. “Review of Children on the Threshold in Contemporary Latin American Cinema: Nature, Gender, and Agency by Rachel Randall.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. Volume 96, No. 4, p.451 - 453. (2019).

Vernon L. Shetley

Professor of English


Shetley, Vernon L. “Marianne Moore Remade.” Raritan. Volume 38, No. 4, p.40 - 52. (Spring 2019).

Olga Shurchkov

Associate Professor of Economics; Director, Knapp Social Science Center


Shurchkov, O.; van Green, A. “Why Female Decision-Makers Shy Away from Promoting Competition.” Kyklos. Volume 72, No. 2, p.297 - 331. (May 2019).

Daniel Sichel

Professor of Economics


Sichel, Dan. “Productivity Measurement: Racing to Keep Up.” Annual Review of Economics. Volume 11, p.591 - 614. (2019).

Sichel, Dan. “No Free Lunches: The Hard Arithmetic of Economics.” EconoFact. (September 28, 2018).

Sichel, Dan. “U Can’t Touch This: The Intangible Revolution.” Review of Capitalism Without Capital by Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake. Business Economics. Volume 53, No. 4. (October 2018).

Marilyn Sides

Senior Lecturer in English


Sides, Marilyn. "The Consolations of Literature." Arion. Vol. XXVI, No. 2. (Fall 2018).

Quinn Slobodian

Associate Professor of History


Slobodian, Quinn. “Perfect Capitalism, Imperfect Humans: Race, Migration, and the Limits of Ludwig von Mises’s Globalism.” Contemporary European History. Volume 28, No. 2. p.143-155. (2019).

Slobodian, Quinn. “The Meanings of Western Maoism in the Global 1960s.” Routledge Handbook of the Global 1960s: Between Protest and Nation-Building. Abingdon, UK: Routledge. (2018).

Mingwei Song

Associate Professor of Chinese

east asian languages & cultures

Song, M.; Huters, T. The Reincarnated Giant: An Anthology of Twenty-First-Century Chinese Science Fiction. Columbia University Press. (2018).

Song, Mingwei. Science Fiction for Children. 給孩子的科幻故事. Shanghai: Oriental Publication Center. (July 2018).

Song, M.; Wang, D.D. May Fourth@100: Culture, Thought, History. 五四@100: 文化,思想, 歷史. Taipei: Linking Publishing Company. (2019).

Suzanne Stumpf

Senior Music Performance Faculty Emerita in Flute, Baroque Flute, and Chamber Music


Two critical editions of 18th-century chamber music works from the library of Thomas Jefferson:

Carlo Antonio Campioni: Trio Sonata in C Major for two flutes or violins and continuo, op. 4, no. 6m, Edited by Daniel Ryan and Suzanne Stumpf, Continuo realization by Daniel Ryan, OPR Editions edit0037, 2019.

Carlo Tessarini: Sonata in G Major for flute and continuo, op. 2, no. 11, Edited by Daniel Ryan and Suzanne Stumpf, Continuo realization by Daniel Ryan, 2019.

Yui Suzuki

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

biological sciences

Panfilio K.A.; Vargas Jentzsch, I.M.; Benoit J.B.; Erezyilmaz, D.; Suzuki, Y. “Molecular evolutionary trends and feeding ecology diversification in the Hemiptera, anchored by the milkweed bug genome.” Genome Biology. Volume 20, p.64. (2019).

Chou, J.; Ferris, A.C.; Chen, T.; Seok, R.; Yoon, D.; Suzuki, Y. “Roles of Polycomb group proteins Enhancer of zeste (E(z)) and Polycomb (Pc) during metamorphosis and larval leg regeneration in the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.” Developmental Biology. Volume 450, p. 34-46. (2019).

Ann Trenk

Professor of Mathematics


Trenk, A.; Shuchat, A.; Shull, R. “Tolerance order of open and closed unit intervals.” Order. Volume 36, No. 2, p.313 - 333. (2019).

Trenk, Ann. “Discovering Catalan numbers using M&M’s.” Tactile Learning Activities in Undergraduate Mathematics: A Recipe Book for the Classroom. AMS/MAA Press. Volume 54. (2018).

Trenk, Ann. “Nametags and Derangements: A class permutation.” Tactile Learning Activities in Undergraduate Mathematics: A Recipe Book for the Classroom. AMS/MAA Press. Volume 54. (2018).

James Morton Turner

Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences

environmental studies

Turner, J.; Isenberg, A. The Republican Reversal: Conservatives and the Environment from Nixon to Trump. Harvard University Press. (November 2018).

Adam Van Arsdale

Class of 1966 Associate Professor of Anthropology


Van Arsdale, Adam. "Population demography, ancestry, and the biological race concept.” Annual Review of Anthropology. Volume 48. (2019).

Van Arsdale, Adam. "Morphology of the Homo naledi femora from Lesedi." American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Volume. 48, No. 8, p.5-23 (2019).

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Van Arsdale, Adam. “Biocultural evolution as a theoretical model for evolutionary processes” The Darwinian Tradition in Context: Research Programs in Twentieth-Century Evolutionary Biology. Springer Press. (2018).

Ismar Volić

Professor of Mathematics


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Qing (Wendy) Wang

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Wang, Q.; Dang, Y. “Simultaneous variable and factor selection via sparse group lasso in factor analysis.” Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. Volume 89, No. 14, p.2744 - 2764. (2019).

Wang, Q.; Zambom, A.Z. “Subsampling-extrapolation bandwidth selection in bivariate kernel density estimation. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. Volume 89, No. 9, p.1740 - 1759. (2019).

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Yujue, W.; Wang, Q. “Improving multi-label classification via heterogeneous ensemble methods.” Involve, a journal of mathematics. Volume 12, No. 6, p.1035 - 1050. (2019).

Jeremy B. Wilmer

Associate Professor of Psychology


Arizpe, J.M.; Saad, E.; Douglas, A.O.; Germine, L.; Wilmer, J.B.; DeGutis, J.M. “Self-reported face recognition is highly valid, but alone is not highly discriminative of prosopagnosia-level performance on objective assessments.” Behavior research methods. Volume 51, No. 3, p. 1102 - 1116. (2019).

Rutter, L.A.; Dodell-Feder, D.; Vahia, I.V.; Dorester, B.P.; Ressler, K.J.; Wilmer, J.B.; Germine, L. “Emotion sensitivity across the lifespan: Mapping clinical risk periods to sensitivity to facial emotion intensity.” Journal of experimental psychology: general. (2019).

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Adele Wolfson

Nan Walsh Schow ’54 and Howard B. Schow Emerita Professor in the Physical and Natural Sciences; Professor of Chemistry


Wolfson, Adele. “Teaching Progressions and Learning Progressions.” Biochem. Mol. Biol. Educ. (2019).

Moore, V.E.; Loertscher, J.; Dean, D.M.; Bailey, C.; Kennelly, P.J.; Wolfson, A.J. “Structuring and Supporting Excellence in Undergraduate biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education: The ASBMB Degree Accreditation Program.” CBE - Life Sciences Education. Volume 17, No. 4. (2018).