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Student Employment: Information for Students

Students who actively engage in student employment will benefit from the following:

  • Meaningful work experiences that build connections between work, learning, and career
  • Skill development in applying and interviewing for positions
  • Experience in a professional work environment receiving feedback and goal-setting 
  • Opportunity to connect and develop a professional network of mentors, peers, and advisors
  • Ability to earn money working for campus hiring managers

Student employment positions generally fall into three categories: 

  1. Research Support, 
  2. Academic Support, and
  3. Office Support.




Quick Links for additional resources:


Contact: Student Employment | Office of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity   | | 781-283-2211


Student FAQs

First Year Student Employment

How do first-year work-study eligible students apply for an on-campus job?

As a first year student eligible for work-study, it is important to apply for positions before coming to campus. In early August, first year students who have received a student employment award through Financial Aid are given access to Wellesley’s online student employment job postings through Workday. Certain campus departments are designated as first year student employers. These departments/offices include: PERA, LTS, Career Education, Dining, and Student Life.

What is the process for hiring and interviewing as a first year?

Students must apply for posted positions by completing the brief application and uploading a cover letter and resume. All departments are required to phone interview their top applicants before making final selections. All applicants, including those declined, will receive an email notification when the position has been filled.

First year students are encouraged to review Career Education resources and meet with advisors as needed for resume, cover letter, and interviewing support. 

To make an appointment the summer before your arrival to campus, please email Career Education. Once on-campus, all students can make appointments through Handshake.  


Do I have to work on campus if I have a work-study award?

No, you are not required to work on-campus. If your financial aid package includes a work-study award, you are highly encouraged to apply for an on-campus student employment job or off-campus volunteer position through Civic Engagement. You may also choose to meet with Student Financial Services at any time to transfer your award amount to another type of aid (generally loan). International students are only eligible to work in on-campus student employment roles. 

Does a work-study offer assure me of a job?

There is no job placement or guarantee but students with work-study awards (Federal Work Study and Wellesley Work) have priority for on-campus jobs, especially during select hiring time periods.

Can I work on-campus even though I don’t have a work-study award?

Students with work-study are given preference for positions on campus.  However, there may be some additional opportunities throughout the year for non work-study students. It is possible to obtain an on-campus student employment position as a non-work study student if the position requires highly specialized skills or is unable to be filled with a work-study student. Such exceptions will be made as needed. For students without work-study designation, many opportunities for work exist in the town of Wellesley. Part-time jobs are posted in Handshake and found by contacting local employers directly.

Application Process

How do returning work-study eligible students apply for an on-campus job?

Returning students with work study eligibility should plan to apply for positions from May 1 - June 15. Students can access positions through Workday during this hiring period. Select positions, including temporary hiring, may occur throughout the academic year in Workday and be promoted on an as needed basis.

Are there employment opportunities during the summer for students?

Yes. Summer hiring occurs from May 1 - June 15 through Workday. Students cannot exceed 40 hours per week during summer months.

How many jobs should I apply for?

You may apply for as many positions as you like. There are many students applying, so we recommend submitting applications for 3-5 positions. Once you have accepted a position, please be considerate of on-campus employers and withdraw from other active applications.

How do I apply for an off-campus, work-study job?

Off-campus positions are run through the Civic Engagement office. Only students with Federal Work-Study are eligible to earn an hourly wage for off-campus service. Visit the Civic Engagement website in late summer for information regarding fall opportunities. 

How long are positions open for and how will I know if I’ve been selected for a position?

Positions are required to accept applications for a minimum of 7 days, but many may choose to remain open for longer. After the interview stage, if you are selected for the position, the hiring manager will contact you to offer the opportunity. All campus employers should notify all applicants when the position is filled.

Once I am hired, should I withdraw my other applications?

Yes. It is a good practice to withdraw your additional applications once you have secured a position.

What if I’m not selected for any positions after actively applying?

Please reach out to the Student Employment Office for additional assistance if you have not secured a student employment position by September 15.

May I split my work-study award between two on-campus jobs?

Yes, but you cannot work more than 15 hours per week across all jobs combined. 

Hiring Paperwork

How do I complete hiring paperwork?

Paperwork completion occurs through your Workday inbox after the hiring manager marks you as hired in the system. Check your Workday inbox or email if you are unsure of the next steps or status regarding your student employee paperwork.

I don't have a social security number, what do I do?

All student employees must have a social security number to be placed on the College’s payroll to begin working on-campus. The Department of Homeland Security will not assign social security numbers to students who are non-US citizens unless the department's hiring supervisor signs the Wellesley  Confirmation of Job Offer form and the student presents it with their other required documents to the Social Security Administration when applying for a social security number.


How many hours should I be working each week to earn my entire award?

On average students should be working somewhere between 8 and 10 hours per week based on their work-study award and the rate of pay for their position. Students are not able to work more than 10 hours per week across all campus jobs during the academic year. 

When will I get paid?

Students are paid on a weekly basis through Wellesley payroll based on weekly hours entered into Workday and approved by your position supervisor. Students should not begin working until all paperwork is complete and the timesheet becomes accessible.

What are the pay rates for student employees?

All student hires begin at the Massachusetts state minimum wage of $13.50 / hour with the ability to earn $0.25/hour increases each additional year of employment based on department policies and budget. 

Can a work-study offer be used to pay my student account?

Students are paid through direct deposit. Work-study is not disbursed to the student's account and does not reduce the tuition bill. The way to receive these funds is to be hired, work, and submit time. Students generally use these funds for personal expenses they incur during the year.