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2019 edHealth Walking Challenge

The Wellesley College and edHEALTH Walking Challenge was a 4-week challenge for all benefits eligible employees with 15 other area colleges and universities that ran from June 4th to July 1st. 

Program Overview

Weekly Winners:

Week One - Nutrition:

70,000 steps winner: Megan Kerr, Professor of Mathematics

35,000 steps winner: Jessica Labrie, Electronic Resources Librarian

Week Two - Exercise:

70,000 steps winner: Iva Nikolaeva Gishin, Assistant Registrar

35,000 steps winner: George Dai, Adv. Instrumentation Specialist

Week Three - Relaxation:

70,000 steps winner: Elizabeth Starr, Research Associate

35,000 steps winner: Richard French, Professor of Astrophysics, Professor of Astronomy

Week Four - Mindfulness:

70,000 steps winner: Casey Bayer, Director of Media Relations

35,000 steps winner: Anjana Prasad, IT Business Analyst


Team Name Winner:

Walkin' Waban


Top Stepper:

Wayne Bouchard - 1,106,854 steps

Register & Track Your Steps Online

Sign up for the Walking Challenge starting June 4, 2019, through your Harvard Pilgrim Online Wellness Account. If you do not receive your health insurance through Harvard Pilgrim, you may sign up for the challenge as a guest.

Use the guest Code: C10177

Download the Limeade App

Link Your Device to Track Your Steps


You can gain entrance into 2 weekly drawings to win prizes based on the average number of steps you achieve:

  • Inspired Drawing: if you track an average of 5,000 steps/day (35,000 steps/ week)

  • Inspired AND Empowered Drawings: if you track 10,000 steps/day (70,000 steps/week)

  • Wellesley College Teams will be entered to win a prize for best team name

  • The top stepper at each college/university will win an individual grand prize

  • The college or university with the highest average steps will win an edHEALTH-sponsored celebration and ice cream social


Join a Team

Employees can compete individually or as a team. Each member of a team tracks their steps individually, but team members can walk together and help each other boost their step count. Teams will be entered for a chance to win a prize for best team name. Submit your team name and the names of those on your team to by June 12, 2019.

Wednesday Walks With Wellesley

Join us each Wednesday from 12:30-1:00pm during the challenge to boost your steps, explore campus, and connect with colleagues.

Sign up now for our weekly walks and receive a meeting invitation.


Onsite Seminars 

There are currently no scheduled onsite seminars. This page will be updated as we schedule seminars for our Healthy You program.



Fitness Classes

  • Group Fitness Classes- Wellesley College group exercise classes are a great way to relieve stress, tone muscles, and provide a renewed sense of well-being. Group classes are free for all students, faculty, and staff with a sports center membership. Come join our certified instructors for some fun. All levels of fitness are welcome and classes are tiered to accommodate all levels of fitness. 

Classes for this Year:

  • Yoga w/Susie Masters: Tuesdays and Fridays, 12:30-1:30pm, KSC Studio 202
  • Pilates w/Jan Taylor: Wednesdays, 12:30-1:15pm, KSC 201
  • Tai Chi w/John Bailes, Thursdays, 12:30-1:15pm, Academic Council Room
  • NEW Barre w/ Monica Verity, Thursdays 12:30- 1:15pm, KSC 201

Click HERE for more information on these classes

Yoga classes with Helen Wang: Mondays, 12:30-1:30pm, Multifaith Center



meQuilibrium is a digital coaching platform that delivers clinically validated and highly personalized solutions to help you to manage stress, improve your health and well-being and help to improve productivity and performance.

  1. Earn a Gold Badge (Counts towards the incentive): Go for gold on any meQuilibrium skill be- tween October 1, 2018 and June 15, 2019. Covering over 5o topics —such as anxiety, clutter, anger, sleep, and more —skills are the foundation of the meQuilibrium program, where you build your resilience and learn new strategies for dealing with stress. Each skill is comprised of two compo- nents: Learn (videos and interactive lessons) and Practice (related blog posts and resilience-boost- ing activities). You earn a gold badge by completing the Learn and Practice steps. Log on or register to access your free, personalized program at
  2. Download the App (Counts towards the incentive): Download the meQuilibrium app to get daily stress-busting tips and inspiration at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere. Simply use the credentials set up during your initial meQuilibrium enrollment and you’re in! The meQ app is frand available for iPhone and Android devices.
  3. Attend a Calm Cast, “A Special Self-Care Action Plan” (Counts towards the incentive): Most of us spend our days bouncing from obligation to obligation —work, family commitments, meetings, you name it —without taking time for ourselves. During the holidays, with schedules bursting at the seams, we tend to fall even lower on our own priority list. Self-care might not always be easy, but it holds great value. By taking care of yourself in the short-term, you’re primed to thrive in the long-term. So, with the new year quickly approaching, let’s resolve to prioritize our own wellbeing. In this Calm-Cast, meQ Director of Content Alanna Finckle will show you how. Date: Thursday, December 13 Time: 12 pm Location: Library Lecture Room

    Sign up here:


Fitness Reimbursements 

If you're covered by one of our medical plans, you can receive up to $300 for enrolling in a qualified weight loss program or a gym membership: 

  • Fitness Reimbursement Form - If you belong to a qualified health and fitness facility for four months in a calendar year, HPHC will reimburse you (and your covered dependents) up to $150.
  • Weight Management Form - HPHC will also reimburse you and your covered dependents up to $150 for fees paid for qualified weight loss programs, including WeightWatchers traditional and at-work programs as well as hospital-based weight loss programs.

To learn more about these programs, click here. Or go to (click on "Your Member Savings") or call 1-888-333-HPHC




  • ESI Wellness. Early Symptom Intervention is a free Healthy You program for anyone with aches and pains. Clinicians use a special type of physical therapy to help relax your muscles, realign your body and help prevent these conditions in the future. Contact Cynthia Cox at 781-283-3496 or to schedule an appointment (at the Physical Plant).