Prosperous You

Prosperous You: Working Together for Financial Wellness

Wellesley College offers several financial wellness resources through our Prosperous You program.



Onsite Seminars

There are currently no scheduled onsite seminars. This page will be updated as we schedule seminars for our Prosperous You program.


Financial Planning and Investment Resources 

TIAA has easy-to-use online resources to help you develop an investment strategy and/or individualized counseling with a TIAA representative.

One-on-one independent, certified financial planners (CFPs) can meet with you on campus and assist you with general financial, investment and retirement planning.

  • Call Ext. 2212 or 2215 to make an appointment.

TIAA Resources

TIAA Bank - Special Offers

  • Faculty and administrative employees now have access to exclusive discounts, borrowing products and privileges. Click here or call 1-844-248-2360. 

Health Benefits and Resources

Continued medical and dental coverage is available to age 65 if you meet certain eligibility requirements.

  • The Health Advocate program can assist you with health care and insurance-related questions.
  • The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential counseling, advice and referrals related to stress, financial and legal issues.
  • Take a look at this Life Event Summary called Thinking About Retirement, which consolidates various health benefits and resources that the College offers. 

More Resources to Help You Navigate Health Insurance

  • Consumer Reports Health Insurance: learn how to pick your best plan and navigate the enrollment process
  • Get Help with a Medical Bill: information on where to turn in your state if you're having a problem with a medical bill
  • nonprofit campaign under Enroll America that provides support to consumers in all 50 states by partnering with local agencies and consumer service organizations to provide information and guidance on the enrollment process and applying for financial assistance
  • federally supported website that directs consumers to health insurance marketplace in their state and provides enrollment deadlines and coverage options
  • the government's official website for Medicare that offers lots of useful, accessible information. Talk with a representative at 800-633-4227.
  • nonprofit organization that offers comprehensive advice and individual counseling. Call 800-333-4114.
  • website for the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs, federally funded programs that help Medicare beneficiaries with plan choices, billing problems, and more.




Metro Credit Union

  • Metro Credit Union: Open an account, obtain a loan or take out a mortgage through the Metro Credit Union. To learn about their services, go to or call 1-877-696-3876.