Apple TV

AppleTVs allow wireless projection from recent MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and, with some additional software, Windows laptops.

Faculty have asked for more efficient ways to project from iPads or their own Mac laptops in their classrooms. They would also like their students to more easily show their presentations.

AppleTVs are installed in many rooms on campus, including 14 classrooms in Founders; 9 rooms in Green Hall; the Greenhouse Visitor Center; teaching spaces in the newly renovated L-wing in the Science Center; OBS 123; JAC 457 and 452; PNE 327; and Clapp Library 141, 209, 237 (the Sanger Room), 336, 407 (Archives), 458 (Book Arts).


To use the AppleTV in these rooms:

With an iPad or iPhone (with iOS 5 or later)

1. Open the Settings app.

Tap Wi-Fi Wi-Fi button(on the left). Your iPad will probably be on the Wi-Fi network called Wellesley Secure. Under Choose a Network, tap Apple TV, and then wait two seconds for the blue checkmark.

2. Once your iPad is connected to the AppleTV network, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen to bring up the iOS Control Center. Tap the AirPlay AirPlay button symbol in the middle, and choose your room’s AppleTV. Turn Mirroring on by sliding the white circle to the right.

Everything you do on your iPad will be mirrored on the TV.

The iPad will take up most, but not all, of the TV screen. Swipe down to remove the Control Center.

If the TV screen ever goes black, swipe up from the bottom of the iPad screen to get the iOS Control Center. Tap the AirPlay symbol and choose your room’s Apple TV.

To stop displaying your iPad on the TV, swipe up to bring up the Control Center, tap your room’s Apple TV, and tap iPad. Open the Settings app, tap WiFi, and switch back to Wellesley Secure.


With a MacBook (Mid 2011 or newer) with OS X 10.8 or later

1. Click the Wi-Fi symbol at the top of your MacBook’s screen and select the AppleTV Wi-Fi network. The AirPlay symbol will then appear to the left of the Wi-Fi symbol at the top. 

2. Click the AirPlay  symbol to choose your room’s AppleTV. To get a full image back on your computer, click the AirPlay symbol again and under Match Desktop Size click Built-In Display (it may say "to This Mac").

If your MacBook only displays in the lower left of the TV, go back to the AirPlay menu, Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring, and then connect again to your room’s Apple TV.

Everything you do on your MacBook will be mirrored on the TV. 

You may need to raise the volume on the TV or projection system.

If the TV screen ever goes black, go to the AirPlay menu at the top of your MacBook’s screen, and choose your room’s Apple TV from the list to re-establish your connection to the Apple TV and turn AirPlay mirroring back on.

To disconnect your MacBook from the Apple TV, click the AirPlay symbol at the top of the screen, and choose Disconnect AirPlay Display (it may say Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring). Click the Wi-Fi symbol to once again select the Wellesley Secure Wi-Fi network.


With a Windows laptop

Download the free trial of AirParrot for Windows to allow you to mirror your Windows laptop to the Apple TV.