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Google Apps for Education is Wellesley College's system for email, shared documents, group discussions, courses, chat, and more.
We recommend using Google's Chrome web browser when working within the Google Apps product suite for best performance.

Questions about Google Apps?

  • For general questions, contact the Computing Help Desk at 781-283-3333 or email
  • For course-related questions, contact Instructional Technology at 781-283-4848.
  • Explore our customized Wellesley documentation for Google Apps using the sidebar on the left.
  • Learn more directly from Google:

What's new in Google Apps:

Share where you're working from in Google Calendar events (August 2021)

Starting August 30, 2021, you’ll be able to indicate where you’re working from directly on your calendar. You can add a weekly working location routine and update your location as plans change.

By showing others which days of the week you plan to be in the office, working from home, or working from another location, it’s easier to plan in-person collaboration or set expectations in a hybrid workplace.

Anyone with free/busy access to your calendar can view your working locations. This can be turned off at any time in your calendar settings.

Respond to Calendar events with where you'll be (August 2021)

Starting August 2021, when you respond Yes to a Calendar invite in Google Calendar, you'll be able to choose "Yes", "Yes, in a meeting", or "Yes, joining virtually" to let the event guests know where you'll be attending the meeting from.

Transition from classic Hangouts to Google Chat (August 2021)

Starting August 24, 2021, Google will be transitioning the chat feature built into Gmail on the web to Google Chat.  All you previous chats have been converted and will sync with Google Chat.  Chat has an additional new feature called Rooms that will not sync backwards with Hangouts.

The Gmail iOS app now has Chat and Rooms buttons at the bottom of it to work with them directly, or you can install the Google Chat iOS app.