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Wellesley College Phone System

Library and Technology Services completed the migration from our 30-year old phone system to Zoom Phone in September 2021.

Please see our one-page Welcome to Zoom Phone Google Doc for details on
  • signing in with SSO to the Zoom application to answer live calls;
  • making, receiving, and transferring calls;
  • recording a voicemail greeting;
  • managing your voicemail; and
  • other features of Zoom Phone, such as changing your status, forwarding your calls, etc.

Note that you must be signed in to your Wellesley account to see the Zoom Phone Google Doc.

Other Phone / Telecom Services

  • In September 2021, we moved our electronic fax platform to XM Fax.
  • WiFi Calling from your personal iPhone or Android smartphone
  • If you have a new Poly phone and need to move it, just connect it to a network drop in your new space. If the phone does not turn on or isn't functioning after it finishes starting up (roughly 3 minutes), contact the HelpDesk to give them the building name and the number of the network drop (e.g., 105A-1)
  • New Hire Form
  • Departing User Form (under revision fall 2021)