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Our learning management system is Sakai. It is an integrated set of software tools designed to help instructors, researchers, and students collaborate. Hundreds of educational organizations around the world use Sakai.

Wellesley upgraded to Sakai 12.6 on July 2, 2019.

New Features in 12.6

  • Gradebook now scales grades when point value of item is changed.
  • When adding a gradebook item, you can now choose to create the existing item and add another from the same screen.
  • The gradebook item options to "Release Items to Students?" and "Include item in grade calculations?" can now be selected independently of each other.
  • Students may now view maximum points possible for an item even if they don't have a grade for that item.
  • Gradebook now has an enhanced empty state that prompts users to add gradebook items if there are none existing.
  • Tooltips have been added to help guide the user when adding new gradebook items.
  • Gradebook Category color does not change as long as the name of the category remains the same.
  • New property to activate auto-favoriting for particular user types.

Please read our Sakai Documentation (link on the left) for general help with using Sakai.

Also, Sakai 12.6 has a new Media Gallery for Fall 2019. The Media Gallery has a new look and a few new functions.

There are two Blue buttons:

  • 0 Media - the blue button on left with Search icon - this is your media library - the number will change as you add your media

  • +Add Media - the blue button on right next to three sort options - this is how you add media to your library by uploading or searching the e-reserves collection

There is an Actions drop-down menu next to a Contrast option icon
There is a Link button for sharing with other users
And there is a Help for using the Media Gallery tool

Media Gallery in Sakai

If you have any questions about course support, the use of Sakai or Google Apps for your courses, or just want advice, please contact the Instructional Technology Support Line at x4848.

Faculty support is also provided by your department's RIS Subject Specialist for help over the phone or to schedule an office visit.

Please send any feedback you might have about additional resources or topics you'd like to see covered in the Sakai help documentation to: Mac Stewart (mstewart), Instructional Technologist for Digital Publishing, LTS.