Sakai is a set of software tools designed to help instructors, researchers, and students collaborate.  Hundreds of educational organizations around the world use Sakai as a learning management system.


Our Sakai installation is currently version 2.10, more commonly known as 10. A new release is planned for the 2016.

Although Sakai does not visually change between updates, there are many internal functionality and infrastructure improvements behind the scenes. The Sakai development community works collaboratively on security fixes, performance improvements, new features, and other fixes.

Sakai 2.10 improvements:

  • Drag-and-drop functionality in the Resources tool (depending on browser)
  • A new "Link" icon in every tool. Allows direct linking to any tool page in your Sakai course, including Forum posts, specific tests or quizzes, and more.  
  • Many helpful new features in Tests & Quizzes and Lessons.

Training and Drop-in sessions for help will be provided before the semester begins. Faculty support is always available by calling ITIT (x4848) or contact your department's Instructional Technology Subject Specialist for help over the phone or to schedule an office visit.

If you have any questions about course support, the use of Sakai and/or Google Apps for your courses, please contact the Instructional Technology Support Line at x4848.



New Features in Sakai 10

We recently upgraded Sakai, our learning management system, to version Sakai 10. Here are a few of of the improvements in Sakai 10, among the many other fixes, enhancements, and several brand new features.

Drag-and-Drop File Upload to Resources - Tired of uploading documents one at a time? The new drag-and-drop feature allows site managers to quickly upload multiple files to Sakai. Simply drag files from your computer into the web page and let Sakai upload them en masse!

Group Submission in Assignments - Some professors want students to work in teams on a major project or paper.  In the past, each student had to upload the final document to receive a grade.  Now, if professors enable "submissions for a group," then any member of the team an upload the submission document for all members of the team.  Also, professors can easily assign one grade for all members of the team or override to set individual grades for each group member. This was a common request by faculty members -- and now group submission is here!

Peer Review in Assignments - Instructors can empower students to assess the work of their peers, providing feedback and even grading the work. When creating a new assignment, instructors can enable "peer assessment" and choose how many papers each student must review, whether reviews are anonymous, and whether the feedback will be displayed to the graded student. Professors can either accept the average of the peer review scores or may override this value and enter a separate grade.

Move Conversations in Forums - If a student posts a question in the wrong topic, what do you do? Now in Sakai 10, professors can move a discussion thread from one topic to another one to keep things organized.

"Joinable" Groups - Professors can now enable students to opt into groups. Professors name the groups and students sign up based on space available.

New Syllabus Tool - The Syllabus tool has been re-designed with a new look-and-feel, ability to drag-and-drop items, easily edit titles and content.

A new "Link" icon in every tool. Allows direct linking to any tool page in your Sakai course, including Forum posts, specific tests or quizzes, and more.  

Brand New Built-In Help Documentation - The built-in documentation has been re-written from the ground up. Clicking the blue help iconHelp icon will take the viewer to the new help pages with detailed step-by-step guidelines with accompanying graphics. There are also separate "instructor" and "student" pages for each tool.


For more general information about the new Sakai 10 features, consult What's new in Sakai 10




For more in depth information on how to use a certain tool, consult the Help documentation within Sakai.