Sakai is a learning management system. It is a set of software tools designed to help instructors, researchers, and students collaborate. Hundreds of educational organizations around the world use Sakai.

Our Sakai installation is currently version 2.10.7, commonly known as 10.7. Although most Sakai updates usually do not visually change the interface, there are many internal functionality and infrastructure improvements behind the scenes. The Sakai development community works continuously and collaboratively on security fixes, performance improvements, new features, and other fixes.

With 10.7, there were 47 fixes across the core tools, and 2 new security fixes. This upgrade was of critical importance for clients running 10.6 or older.

These fixes include:

  • Assignments: several fixes for assignment submissions

  • Tests and Quizzes (Samigo): fixes for saving matrix questions, downloading responses, and printing a published assessment

  • Forums: 10.7 turns off the Forums ranking feature by default, which can cause significant performance issues

If you have any questions about course support, the use of Sakai or Google Apps for your courses, or just want advice, please contact the Instructional Technology Support Line at x4848.

Faculty support is also provided by your department's RIS Subject Specialist for help over the phone or to schedule an office visit.



updated: July 26, 2016