The College has a Zoom Pro license for all faculty, staff, and students to use for remote instruction and meetings.  Zoom is an easy to use video and audio conferencing tool that works from computers, smartphones, and tablets. To start using your Zoom account, you need to sign in for the first time.

Note that as of 2021, the College also uses Zoom Phone. The same Zoom application you use to participate in meetings allows all faculty and staff to make and receive phone calls.


Meetings vs. Webinars

The College's Zoom Pro license allows for up to 300 participants in a meeting. Webinars are not included, however - we have a limited number of webinar licenses that can be reserved on a monthly basis to support your events. Costs are the responsibility of your department. Please contact the Help Desk or Media Services for more information.


New features Fall 2020

Zoom is implementing an important security feature effective September 27.  After this date, all meetings will require either a Waiting Room or a Passcode.  To see which of your previously scheduled meetings need to be adjusted before this date, log into Zoom at https://wellesley.zoom.us and click on Meetings on the left.  You will see a red exclamation mark besides meetings that do not meeting this security requirement.  If you do not take action, Zoom will automatically add a Waiting Room to any meetings that do not meet the security requirements. To add a Passcode to your future meetings, open Zoom and navigate to Settings. In the Security section, verify that the Passcode settings that you would like to use for your future meetings are enabled by clicking the toggle buttons.





Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Zoom say I need to sign in to join a meeting?

You may not have logged into your College Zoom account.  You can sign in one of three ways:

  1. From the Zoom software, sign in with SSO (single sign on).  Use wellesley for the domain.
  2. Go to https://wellesley.zoom.us and click Sign In.
  3. Log into the MyWellesley portal and click on the Zoom icon in the blue bar at the top.
How many meetings can I host at a time?

Each Zoom Pro license allows for hosting one meeting at a time, although you can be signed into Zoom from one computer, one tablet, and one smartphone concurrently.


Scheduling Meetings on Behalf of Others
  • If you are regularly scheduling meetings on behalf of others, Zoom has a scheduling privilege feature.  This is important because you, as the scheduler, cannot be the host for concurrent meetings.
  • If you are scheduling a meeting in your own account - but not attending yourself - you must enable Join Before Host so the meeting can proceed without a host. In the Zoom application, click Settings Enable Advanced Settings > My Meeting Settings to enable this feature.
  • Where a host is desired (e.g. for advanced features such as muting, screenshare etc.), hosts must join a scheduled meeting via the Zoom software.  Attendees may dial in or join by computer/mobile device - video is not required for each attendee.  
  • Note that every time you schedule a Zoom meeting, the meeting ID will be different.  It is important to schedule meetings within Zoom and not copy/paste invitations from previous meetings.
Meeting Attendees
  • Test if you are ready to use Zoom here.

  • When you join a meeting, join the audio through your computer OR phone - never both. Joining meetings via both simultaneously will generate audio problems. It is unnecessary to dial the phone number if you choose Join by Computer and have a working speaker or headset.

  • If you can’t be heard by other meeting participants or the host, check for the following:

    • Are your microphone settings set to always active, or push-to-talk?

    • Has the host muted all participants?

Common Host Controls & Settings
  • In the Zoom application, click Settings Enable Advanced Settings My Meeting Settings.
    • If you’d like to hear a chime when someone joins your meeting, toggle the option Play Sound when participants Join or Leave to ON.
    • If you would like meetings to proceed without you, toggle the option Join Before Host to ON.
  • If you’d like to mute all meeting participants, in the Zoom meeting click Manage Participants > Mute All. This also contains the option to allow Participants to unmute themselves.
  • Zoom has a robust toolkit for Hosts to utilize during their meetings. Hosts can poll users, screenshare, allow livechat, split meetings into breakout rooms, and much more. To learn more, check out Zoom’s guide to Host Controls.
I'm experiencing audio problems. Help!

A participant has likely connected to two audio sources simultaneously - i.e., via their computer and their phone.  If you are going to dial into a meeting via phone, you must disable your computer audio. More troubleshooting tips.

Participating via phone from outside the US

Zoom has local dial-in numbers for over 90 countries that can be used for calling into Zoom meetings if an internet connection is not available.  If you or a participant in your meeting will need to connect via phone and not via a Zoom Meeting link (which only requires an internet connection), please use a local dial-in number for the best experience.  Please note we do not have Toll Free numbers available at this time.