Why do we need to be concerned about computing security?


Protecting your computer keeps your data secure, and helps to protect the privacy of our users


Protect College information

A data breach can have many consequences for the College, including loss of systems and data, lost productivity, fines, lawsuits, and damage to its reputation


Legal obligations

Most states have breach notification laws that require certain protections for sensitive information; to understand how these laws impact your work, see Wellesley College’s Written Information Security Program, including details about the required annual security awareness training, which you can access from the MyWellesley portal in Administrivia or Employee Services.

Fall 2018 NCSAM - National Cyber Security Awareness Month results:

If you missed it, here is the TedX Talk that was an activity; comments from our participants include: "I liked the explanation behind why Duo is so helpful in deterring hackers and password thefts," and "His use of humor was engaging. He also had good analogies and explanations of all his figures." Raffle prizes on campus were: $50 Amazon gift card, and a Bose Bluetooth speaker. A set of NCSAM items was raffled off among the 87 people who entered during HR's Benefits Fair, as well as several items (a speaker, a backpack and a backup device) at the Cisco security talk.

Security Software at Wellesley College:

Additional online resources for being safe online

Visit these online websites for more information:


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM)