Crash Plan Pro - Windows


Crash Plan Pro - Windows
  1. Figure out whether you have Windows 7 or XP, so you know which installer to use in the next step; the Help Desk (x3333) can help you if you are unsure.
  2. Please be connected to Wellesley Secure on campus or through the VPN.
  3. Run the CrashPlan Pro installer from \\ntm\CrashPlan\Windows 7, 8-10 or Windows XP.
 Note: To do this, click the start menu and paste "\\ntm\CrashPlan" in the start menu search box:

  1. Right Click and select Run as Administrator to begin the installer. Run through the installer.

  2. CrashPlan should run automatically. If not, launch CrashPlan Pro from the Applications folder. The first time the application launch, it is connecting to the backup servers. It may take a few minutes to launch.

  3. Upon launching, the Crashplan login screen will appear as a new window with your Wellesley username pre-populated in the username field. Enter your Wellesley password to log in. (Or, you may need to create a new account using your first name, last Name, and Wellesley domain username and password.)

  4. Upon logging in for the first time, the first backup will begin. A progress bar is available in the application; you can do other work while the first backup completes.