For Returning Students

What is the purpose of PaperCut?
PaperCut helps reduce waste and increases print security in our libraries and computing labs. After printing from a computer, your job will be held for up to 12 hours until you log in to a release station to "release" the job to the printer for printing. You can delete print jobs from your queue if you don't want them or just allow them to expire after 12 hours.
What if I have questions or problems?
Call the Computing Help Desk x7777 with any questions or feedback.
Where can I print with Papercut?
Release stations and printers are available in the following locations:
Clapp Library: Reference Room, Knapp Center
Science Center: Mini Focus and outside E101
Pendleton: Pendleton East 125
Jewett: Art and Music Libraries
Residence Halls:  Shafer, Tower, Bates, Stone-Davis
Why does it say I only have X pages left?
PaperCut will assign each person an allotment of 1,000 pages, which is based on the average number of pages printed by Wellesley students per semester. Each time you print, pages are deducted from this number. 
What happens when I run out of pages?
You can request a free increase to your PaperCut allotment by filling out our PaperCut Allocation Increase Form.
How long do I have between printing a document and releasing it?
PaperCut stores print requests for 12 hours before removing them if they are not released. After 12 hours, the print job is deleted from the server.
Why was my job denied? 
PDF files are compressed files. Before printing, the document must be uncompressed in the system.  While the file size you see might be 10MB, its uncompressed size could be hundreds of MB! Jobs whose uncompressed file size is more than 300MB will be denied when they hit the server to maintain reasonable printing times at the printers. To print your job, print sections of pages at a time. If you would like help optimizing a PDF file so it is able to print in its entirety, please visit our service desk.
Why isn't Android printing supported? 
We have done several rounds of testing with Android devices and have found that, depending on the version of Android you are running, the current version of the Cloud Print App is unreliable. Printing may work at first, but then crash until your device is restarted.  If you would like to attempt to print from your Android device, you can install the Cloud Print App and give it a try!
Can I track my printer usage?
In the PaperCut quota window click on Details. You will be able to precisely track your printing usage over the course of a semester. PaperCut can display your printing trends, environment impact, job history, jobs you have submitted for release and more. Due to privacy concerns, PaperCut does not store the actual print jobs after they are released to the printer.