Sample Knapp Assignments

Knapp Center staff provide a range of planning, instruction and support options for course assignments requiring the use of technology.

A selection of projects is below. If you have questions about a specific project or would like to talk about support for your own course please contact Heather Woods, Rebecca Darling or the listed faculty member.

Digital Memoirs

Diversity in Education
Terah Venzant, Education

Students created 3-5 minute "digital stories" about an experience that had a profound affect on their racial/ethnic/gender identities. The content reflected insights gained from assigned readings and discussions throughout the course. Students wrote and recorded their stories and paired them with audio, images and video to create a personal memoir. Students participated in a 20 minute project planning workshop and a technical instruction session covering the recording equipment and software.

Newscast Videos

Mass Media in American Democracy
Marion Just, Political Science

Students in this class worked in groups to create news stories that were more effective than available stories on the same topics. Using online video clips, images and animations and their own digital video footage, students produced 1-2 minute newscasts. Students participated in a technical instruction session covering the camera equipment and software and received individual assistance from Knapp Staff and our Multimedia Project Specialists throughout the project's duration.


Anthropology of Media
Julie Chu, Anthropology

The goal of this project was to create a sense of meaning, memory, time and space through the manipulation of sound elements—both recorded and “live.” Students recorded their own voice-over narration and ambient sounds and combined them with music and other sound effects to create a 5 location tour of the Wellesley College campus. The students planned their audio tours to be heard alongside the visual, auditory and other sensorial elements the listener encounters at the tour locations. Students worked with the professor on planning and storyboarding and participated in a technical instruction session covering the recording equipment, microphone techniques and software.

A complete Soundscape from this class is available online through iTunes U - Wellesley .

Persuasive Media

Geology and Human Affairs
Margaret Thompson, Geosciences

For this assignment students created media that communicated environmentally responsible behavior to non-geologists in a format that effectively influenced the non-geologists' behavior. Students were free to work in any format and so chose to create print media such as posters and magazine articles as well as video. Students participated in an instruction session covering project planning, design concepts and Photoshop.

Video Documentary

African Americans in US Politics
Kim Mealy, Political Science

QuickTime VR Movies

Multimedia Design & Programming
Takis Metaxes, Computer Science

2-D Images in Photoshop

Basic 2-D Design
Elaine Spatz-Robinowitz, Art


Ethnomusicology: Key Topics
Tamar Barzal, Music

Video Presentations

Domesticity and It's Discounts
Margaret Carrol, Art

iMovie Introduction

Introduction to Cinema and Media Studies
Maurizio Viano, Italian Studies and Cinema & Media Studies

Academic Research Posters

Science Summer Research Program
Research and Internship Program Leaders

Print Advertisements

Social Psychology
Robin Akert, Psychology