Non-Linear Editing and TV

Non-Linear Editing and TV

TV Studio

The 16'x24' TV studio is a two-camera studio with the capability of broadcasting live on Channel 8 to the Wellesley College Video Network (WCVN). The studio and master control room are equipped with a satellite downlink feed from CNN; Grass Valley 110 switcher; two cameras (with capacity for a third); teleprompters; character generator; two VTR's; audio mixing board; digital audio workstation; a 10' grid with a full complement of television lighting instruments controlled by at TC Acclaim lighting board. Users have access to portable equipment including: DV camcorders; DVCAM camcorder; sound and lighting equipment. Three editing suites are also available. See editing suites information below.

Most programming on WCTV is student initiated and produced. The studio is typically used by the WCTV student organization which offers WCTV news and a current affairs program. The Knapp Center provides students with an opportunity to gain both "on-air" and "behind-the-scenes" skills. The studio is also used to videotape interview and record voice and instrument.

The Knapp Center strives to establish and maintain professional standards appropriate to an educational access channel. Producers are expected to insure that the programs content remains within the generally-accepted bounds of good taste and fair play. If students are uncertain how to handle the program content or treatment, please discuss this matter with Jarlath Waldron x2465.

Non-Linear Editing Suites

There are three non-linear editing suites in the Knapp Center.

Non-linear editing suites 110, 124, and 125  are equipped with FinalCut Pro X  & Adobe Premiere Pro for capturing and editing video digitally. Hard disk storage is available in these suites for long-term projects and files can be exported to DV/DVCAM tape; DVD disc; S/VHS and DAT (digital audio tape).

The Knapp Center non-linear editing rooms (Clapp 110, 124, and 125) are available for members of the community who have received training or access from an LTS staff member.  To learn more about these resources please contact the Clapp Service Desk

To reserve editing time use our online reservation system.