High Definition Videoconferencing Hardware Units

In October 2015, LTS purchased and configured two high definition videoconference systems from Cisco: an ultra-portable SX10 (less than a foot wide and only 2 lbs) and a portable-within-the-building SX80. The latter unit features two cameras that can automatically focus on the current speaker, automatically find the next speaker, and quickly switch camera shots. Both units feature strikingly better video and audio than Google Hangouts, Skype, or regular WebEx — and the video is always in sync with the audio. The cameras for both systems can pan, tilt, and (most importantly) zoom.

These systems can be quickly and easily set up in any Wellesley classroom or administrative room with a spare Ethernet drop and an HD display. There are over 25 such rooms on campus, with many of those located in Green Hall or in Clapp Library. The videoconferencing hardware requires minimal LTS staff time after setup.
Many of our peer institutions have similar videoconferencing systems accessible to their community. Colleagues at institutions who do not have similar hardware can still connect with our high-end systems via WebEx software.
For faculty, staff, and students who prefer to continue using Skype and Google Hangouts, we have purchased a small all-in-one Logitech USB camera with mics that can clearly pick up sounds from 12 feet away.

Videoconferencing in PNE 127 - multi-camera & multi-mic

In PNE 127, we have an older Tandberg videoconferencing system with three cameras and fifteen mics that can be set up at the classroom seats. To reserve the room via 25Live, and then call Jarlath Waldron at x2465 to assist with the logistics of the videoconference.

For the latest rates, click on the ATT web link below and under Rates and Charges, select Rate Table 56/64SDS-01 for domestic pricing, Rate Table 56/64SDS-04 for Canada, and Rate Table 56/64SDS-05 for Overseas Countries.

Based on the above rates, a 128kbs call would be twice as costly per minute. A 256kbs call would be four times the above call cost per minute, and a 384kbs call would be six times the above call cost per minute.

There is no phone charge for calling within the 617, 781, 508 and 978 area codes; however, the cost of using the room and set-up is $30. There will be a videoconference phone charge for any other calls that originate on campus.