MFDs - Windows 7

Installing a Konica Minolta Multi Function Device

Note: these instructions are for Administrative staff and faculty Konica-Minolta MFDs only.  
All Computing Labs print through Papercut.


You may need to click here for the new 2019 Xerox instructions instead


Windows Installation Instructions
  1. Click on the Windows button in the lower left hand corner of your screen, or press the Windows key on your keyboard and "R" simultaneously.
  2. Type “\\” without the quotes in the text box that appears (if you get an error message, type \\
  3. Press "Enter". If you are prompted to log in, use your domain credentials, but add "wellesley\" without the quotes before your username. For example, John Smith would be entered as wellesley\jsmith.
  4. Double click on the printer you wish to add to begin the printer installation process.
  5. When it is completed, close the printer window.
  6. If you are printing to one of the Founders MFDs, or one of the other shared / hallway Konica Minolta machines where departments are tracking supply usage, you need to set up Account Tracking.
  7. You may set this printer to be the default by clicking the Windows button in the lower left hand corner and opening "Devices and Printers". Right click your printer and select "Set as default printer".