Open Source Software

Adobe software is made accessible on Wellesley campus computers only and is not available for use on student's personal computers.

Students who want to access to Adobe applications on their personal computers have two options available to them. Students can purchase the Adobe Creative Suite for a discounted price through eAcademy. Students can also take advantage of the month-to-month Adobe “Creative Cloud” service (be sure to select the Student/Teacher edition for better pricing).

When Adobe is not a course requirement, students requiring access to pdf, image, audio, and video solutions can make use of open source software available free of charge.

Multimedia Project

licensed Adobe Software

Open Source Software

(Off campus & personal Computers)

if you want to...  try using... or  try using...

…edit a photograph
…add text to a photograph
…add special filter effects

Photoshop a research poster vector graphics
...create a digital drawing
...create a digital painting
...trace a bitmap

Illustrator             InkScape a research poster
…create page layout
…desktop publishing
InDesign Scribus
...create a pdf
…print, edit a pdf file
Acrobat Pro, Reader Scribus

... web design (wysiwyg)
…create/edit existing HTML
...embed HTML 5 audio/ video

Dreamweaver BlueGriffon
Ruul (pixel measuring tool)
...web based graphic
…web based animation
…animate primitive shapes
Flash, Fireworks AnimationPackage
Silex (for WINDOWS platform)
...edit a video
…capture clips from a dvd
…export &
share video
Premiere Pro

Avidmux (editor)
WeVideo on Google Drive(editor)
Handbrake (video transcoder)

...record audio
…create an audio project
…edit/optimize audio
Audition Amedeus

...copy and paste data from a computer screen
…record a computer screen
…capture a DVD screenshot
...create a screen cast for software demonstration


CaptureMe (screen capture, control selection, save as tiff,)
AwesomeCapture (capture, annotate, share)
QuickMarkUp (capture, mark up, brainstorm, share)