Windows 10

Windows 10 at Wellesley

Windows 10 is the current standard operating system for college-owned Windows computers.

Have a computer running Windows 7?

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer provide security updates to any Windows 7 computers that have not installed a required security update by July 2019. This security patch is available now. Please run all required Windows Updates on your Windows computer(s) before July. This is especially critical for those who will be away for the summer.  

Because Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 after January 2020, all faculty/staff office computers and classroom computers will migrate to Windows 10 this year unless otherwise required for software compatibility. We will be contacting all Windows 7 users to schedule this.  If you would like to get a head start on moving your college-owned computer to Windows 10, please contact the Computing Help Desk to set up an appointment.

LTS has actively tested College licensed software on Windows 10. The only known Wellesley software incompatibility at this time is MSD Chemstation, which the Chemistry Department will no longer be using as of Fall 2019.  If you use highly specialized academic software or have installed unique personal software, please verify with the vendor that it is compatible with Windows 10 before upgrading, or contact LTS for assistance.

Before upgrading, we strongly recommend that you perform a backup of all your data.

Please contact the LTS Computing Help Desk with any questions.