MFD Secure Print

Secure Print with a Konica Minolta Multi Function Device

Mac Secure Print
Konica Minolta copiers have a secure print facility.  This allows you to send a print job to a photocopier but not have that job actually print out until you reach the copier. This may be useful if, say, the copier is not in close proximity to your office and the document you are printing contains confidential or sensitive data. When sending more than one document in this way, they are all held on the copier until you ‘release’ them using the control panel on the copier itself.
Once you have successfully added a photocopier to your list of printers, follow these instructions if you wish to send a print job securely.  
  1. Go to the print dialogue for any program on your Mac, and expand the printer options by clicking the drop down triangle next to your printer.
  2. Drop down the section selection list, and choose Output Method.
  3. In the Output Method list, select Secure Print.
  4. In the Secure Print dialogue window that appears, enter an ID and password for your document and click OK. (You may specify anything you wish for the ID and password; they do not have to match your email username and password.).
  5. Click the Print button at the bottom of the print dialogue window.
Job Retrieval
Please note that Secure Print documents are automatically deleted from the copier 24 hours after they are sent.
  1. Go to the photocopier and login using your standard photocopier code.
  2. Next choose the big Box button.
  3. Next choose System User Box, then Secure Print User Box
  4. Type in the ID (initials, if you used them) for the document, and then click Ok. Type in the password (4 digit pin, if you used this) for the document, and then click Ok. A list of received documents that match with this username and password appears.
  5. Select the document to be printed, and then touch Print. The document information appears.
  6. Press the Start key in the control panel. The document is printed