Importing materials from past semesters

How do I import materials from a past semester into this semester's course site?

1. Enter Site Info of the course in which you would like to import materials and choose Import from Site. 

2. On the next screen, choose one of the following:

  • I would like to replace my data: This option overwrites the existing data with the imported data. This method allows you to import Grade book settings. You may only import data from one site using this method. This method allows you to create a course copy.
  • I would like to merge my data: This option merges the imported data with the existing data in your site. This method does not import Grade book settings. You will also be able to select multiple sites from which to import data. This method is helpful when you need to pick and choose materials from another course site.
  • I would like to merge my user(s): This option imports the participants from another site. This method does not import roster-provided users. 

3. Check the boxes to select the source site(s), then click Continue.

 4. Under the title of the site(s) you selected, check the box next to each tool that contains the material you want to import. If you can't select a tool (if the box is grayed out), it's because the corresponding tool was not enabled in that site.

5. Click Finish. 

6. Make sure to edit dates of old assignments and check links to resources (if you link to a file in the Resources of one course site, that link will not work in the new site -- you need to link to the file in the Resources section of the new site). Here are some helpful tips for reviewing your imported content.


How do I move resources from one course to another?

To move resources from one course to another:

  1. Log in to Sakai
  2. Click on the Tab for the site you would like to add materials to.
  3. Select the Resources tool from the toolbar on the left of the window. 
  4. Click the Show other sites link below the list of Resource items (you might have to scroll down to see the link if your site has a long list of material items)


5. Click on the folder icon(s) next to the desired site(s) Collapsed Folder Iconto expand the folders and expose content available to copy.

6. Select the relevant items (files and/or folders) you wish to copy from another site you own to your current site.

7. Click the Copy link above the list of material items.


8. Go to your current site's list of material items and click the clipboard icon or select Actions > Paste Copied Items to paste the copied content into the desired folder.

(adapted from Duke University's Sakai support site)


For additional information and screenshots on this topic, see Longsight's official Documentation for Sakai 10 on Importing material from other sites and Copying files and folders between sites using Resources.