KeyAccess is the software that allows your computer to use KeyServered licensed software on Wellesley's computer network.
Install KeyAccess on a Mac:
  1. Download the latest Mac installer directly from the vendor
  2. Make sure you save anything you are working on; you may have to restart your computer at the end of the installation.
  3. When the download is finished, a K2 Client window may open automatically.
    If it doesn't, find the K2Client icon on your Desktop and double-click to open it, 
    or find the download (in Chrome, downloads appear at the bottom of the Chrome window) and select it.
  4. In the Introduction window, click Continue.
  5. In the Select Destination window, choose Macintosh HD and click Continue.
  6. In the Installation Type window, click Install.
  7. In the Authenticate window that appears, enter your Administrator user name and password and click OK (for most people, these are the credentials you use to log in to your Mac).
  8. You may be prompted about needing to restart the computer to complete the install; if so, click Continue
  9. In the K2 Client Install window type and click OK.
    If you are not prompted for this KeyServer Address:
    1. Go to System Preferences (in the Apple menu)
    2. Double-click on KeyAccess
    3. Edit the KeyServer Address as needed to say
  10. A window will appear asking you to either log out and log back in or to restart your computer
  11. Save your work in any open applications and click on Restart to restart your computer.

Install KeyAccess on a 64-bit Windows PC:

  1. Download the latest Windows installer directly from the vendor
  2. Make sure you save anything you are working on; you may have to restart your computer at the end of the installation.
  3. Allow the file to save to the default location (usually to the Downloads folder or to the desktop).
    Do not move the file once it has downloaded.
  4. Please save in any open applications before continuing.
  5. Double-click on K2Client.exe file to open it.
  6. If you get a Security Warning message, click Run.
  7. If upgrading your KeyAccess client, you may only see a Resuming the Sassafras K2 Client Setup Wizard window with an Install option. If so, please click Install, you will not be prompted for the information in the next step.
  8. If presented with the KeyServer Information window, make sure of the following:
    • Host DNS Name or IP Address: is set to
    • Protocol is set to TCP/IP
    • Registry, shared by all users is checked
    • Click Next.
    • In the Custom Setup window, click Next.
    • In the Ready to Install windows,click Install.
  9. In the Completing the Sassafras K2 Client Setup Wizard window, click Finish.
  10. If you were not prompted for the KeyServer Information, please check it now to be sure it is accurate:
    • In Windows, open the Control Panel
      (You can click on the Start menu and start typing Control Panel, and it should show up as something you can select)
    • Double-click on KeyAccess
      (Don't see it? You may need to change to large or small icons instead of categories)
    • Click in the KeyServer Address field and use Control-A to Select All
    • Press Backspace to delete the entire contents of the field, so it is blank
    • Enter or keyserver.wellesley.local
    • Save this change (click Logon or OK or Apply)
  11. Click Yes if asked to restart the computer.