Connect to the network and resources from LTS

LTS = Wellesley's Library & Technology Services

LTS is an excellent acronym to learn right away. Library and technology are in the same department at Wellesley. You'll find many helpful resources—including people!—in Clapp Library and the branch libraries. LTS provides a wealth of helpful resources, as you will see below. 

Want to get online fast when you arrive?

1. See the LTS Guide to Getting Connected to the network.

2. Make sure your computer meets the specifications in our Purchasing Guide

3. Running Windows? Now - and just before you pack for campus:

  • Install the free version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and scan your computer for malware now, and Wellesley College will provide a license for it once you get to campus; update it daily; run a full scan weekly.
  • ​Make sure your computer has all its Windows Updates.

4. Set up antivirus software and run updates often - and use it to scan your computer often.

5. Install more than one web browser (FirefoxChrome).

Take advantage of our technology resources for students

  • Discounts: See computer and software discounts, including free Microsoft Office for students.
  • Technology or library questions: Log in to MyWellesley, go to Google Apps, click Groups at the top of the page, and post your question in the General Questions for Entering Students group, or email your question to
  • In-person help: There will be in-person help on campus, including our Computing Help Desk in Clapp Library, open weekdays 8:15am-5:30pm during the Fall and Spring semesters, and weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm the rest of the year. You may contact them via email at or phone at 781-283-7777.
  • Laptop repair: If your laptop needs repair, we have service on campus that will try to help (more info).

Other options you should know about:

  • for a huge library of online tutorials.
  • The Library tab in MyWellesley will have all kinds of library information.
  • A wide range of assistive technology.