To login to your Wellesley Gmail account, visit:


How to access your Wellesley Gmail

  1. Use the MyWellesley portal - just click on the Google Apps link to the top right.
  2. Visit and use your Wellesley Domain Account to login.
  3. Use a mobile device, such as an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet.  Instructions for common devices are available on our Mobile Device Connection Guide.
  4. Use a desktop email client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird

Chrome Learning to use Gmail
If you've never used Gmail before, Google has a great guide on how to get started.  You can also call the Computing Help Desk at x3333 or email with questions.
Chrome Account and Inbox Management
The Account Menu is your email address in the top right of the Gmail window. Learn more about customizing your Wellesley Gmail here.  If you also have a personal Gmail account, switching between them is easy.
The Settings gear as pictured to the right provides access to your Gmail "Settings", "Themes" and "Configure inbox" settings. 
Chrome Signatures, labels, filters
Learn more about how to organize your email here.  Perhaps you want to separate email into multiple inboxes?
Chrome Alternate email addresses (aliases) and Contacts
Your Wellesley Gmail account is created with additional alternate email addresses (aliases), which you can learn about here in our documentation.  Google also has additional documentation on using alternate email addresses.
When using Wellesley Gmail in a web browser, you can automatically find email addresses of the Wellesley Community using autocomplete in the To/Cc/Bcc fields.  You can also create individual and group Contacts.
If you'd like to request a preferred name, or have changed your name, please contact Human Resources, the Regisrar, or the Alumnae Department.
Chrome Groups/Mailing lists
Learn more about how to set up distribution lists here.
Chrome Mail Merge
You can do Mail Merges with Gmail too. Here's how.

Chrome Importing email/contacts from other services
Not everyone uses Google Apps. Here's how to migrate your data into Gmail.
Chrome Admin Assistants
Everything an admin assistant needs to know about Gmail. You may want to delegate email for example.


Google also has detailed help for common issues on their Gmail Help and FAQs wesbite.