Making and Fabrication

Making and Fabrication

The Knapp Media and Technology Center strives to work in collaboration with both faculty and students, helping them with personal and academic projects. A big part of this collaborative work includes what we generally term "Making and Fabrication." We call it "Making" to encourage projects of a wide variety of mediums; from Adobe Creative Cloud to Virtual Reality, or circuitry to 3D printing, we consider creation in nearly any form a valid one of making. More specialized resources exist in other makerspaces on campus, including the Wellesley Engineering (WE) Lab*, machine shop*, and many of the art student spaces in Pendleton West**. Members of the Wellesley College community can find support on campus for just about any kind of project they can imagine!

Below is a list of the resources offered, separated by location. To see what each location has to offer, simply click on the "+" icon.

Click on a hyperlinked resource in the Knapp section to visit its support page.

Wellesley Engineering (WE) Lab*
  • 3D Printer (Dimension 1200es Stratasys)
  • Laser Cutter
  • Machine Shop*
  • Silhouette Desktop Vinyl Cutter
  • Soldering Tools (misc.)

To learn more about the WE Lab, visit their website or contact Amy Banzaert at Additionally, drop in hours can be found here.

Pendleton West**

To learn more about the resources in Pendleton West, reach out to the Art Department via their Contact page.

*Both the WE Lab and Machine Shop are currently being housed in the basement of Beebe while the Science Center undergoes renovations.

**Please be aware that resources in Pendleton West are reserved for students enrolled in art courses. If you are interested in using resources located here, please contact the Art Department.