Fabrication Lab

Fabrication Lab

Unless marked otherwise, Fab Lab materials and equipment are free for students to use whenever the library is open.

The Wellesley FabLab is an environment dedicated to helping students bridge their different disciplines and interests to collaborate on groundbreaking projects at the intersection of art and technology.

A big part of this collaborative work includes what we generally term "Making and Fabrication." We call it "Making" to encourage projects of a wide variety of mediums; from Adobe Creative Cloud to Virtual Reality, or circuitry to 3D printing, we consider creation in nearly any form a valid one of making. More specialized resources exist in other spaces on campus, including the Wellesley Engineering (WE) Lab, machine shop, and many of the art spaces in Pendleton West. Members of the Wellesley College community can find support on campus for just about any kind of project they can imagine.



3D Printers

We are currently unable to support 3D printing projects, but we hope to be able to start up again soon. Fill out this short form if you'd like to be contacted when 3D printing is up and running again!


Printing costs $0.10/gram and filaments come in a variety of colors. If cost is a financial burden for a student's ability to print, please email wellesleymakers@wellesley.edu


  • Patrons are required to undergo a safety and usage orientation before using the 3D printers. This orientation is only required once, and usage permission is granted for the duration of a patron's time at Wellesley.
  • In addition, patrons must fill out our 3D Printing Usage Agreement form (sent after training is complete), which provides a more detailed list of our policies that the patron must acknowledge before being given access to the 3D printing computers.

Prohibited items for printing include drug paraphernalia, weapons, and offensive items.


Once you have attended a training and filled out the agreement form, you can reserve appointment slots for hour-long periods. Note that you can, and will likely need to, reserve multiple sequential slots.

Afinia | Afinia 2 | Creator Pro1 | Creator Pro2

Printer Information


Uses Afinia 3D Studio for its printing interface. Recommended for people with simpler prints as supports are typically harder to get off than the Creator Pro. Offers the largest build plate of our printers though fewer customization options for printing process.

Build dimensions (xyz): 10 x 8 x 8 in (254 x 203.2 x 203.2 mm)

Creator Pros

Uses Simplify3D for its printing interface. Is recommended for prints which require precise support, or for users who want more customization options for their print. Gives users the option to choose settings such as precise infill percentage, infill pattern, and support density. Note that it has a smaller build plate than the Afinia, which may be a deciding factor for some prints.

Build dimensions (xyz): 8.8 x 5.7 x 5.9 in (225 x 145 x 150 mm)


Questions/Concerns: wellesleymakers@wellesley.edu

Schedule Printing Orientation: kpc@wellesley.edu

Virtual Reality (VR)

Knapp has a few VR headset options available for checkout via the Knapp Equipment Desk; please contact wellesleymakers@wellesley.edu to learn more.

Prior approval/coordination with Knapp staff is required to check out VR equipment.

Documentation: HTC Vive | Oculus Rift

Sewing Machine

Use of the sewing machine is free, but we do require anyone who would like to use the sewing machine to attend a short orientation on its use. For people familiar with using sewing machines, we introduce you to our particular model (Husqvarna VIKING) and ask that you demonstrate what you already know, in order to make sure your knowledge and safety precautions are in line with our policies. For people who haven't used a sewing machine before, or have forgotten how, we walk you through basic safety, usage, and sewing design strategies.


To set up a sewing machine training, just email knapp-training@wellesley.edu or attend a drop-in orientation from 6-8pm on first Mondays and 4-6pm on third Tuesdays:


Mondays 6-8pm

Tuesdays 4-6pm

Monday, February 7th

Tuesday, February 15th*

Monday, March 7th

Tuesday, March 15th

Monday, April 4th

Tuesday, March 19th

Monday, May 2nd


*4-5pm to accommodate workshop in Knapp starting at 5pm


Find documentation and other sewing machine resource in our Documentation Google Drive.



We strongly encourage anyone wanting to use the sewing machine make a reservation. This will ensure that you have priority to use the machine, and can help avoid conflicts over time. To make a reservation, visit the Knapp Sewing Machine Reservation Calendar.


Embroidery + Other Fibers Arts

Embroidery (and other) Supplies

Supplies for embroidery projects are located in the fabrication area and available to students any time during library hours. Supplies we have include embroidery hoops, craft needles, thread, pins, a variety of designs that students can use to create their own clothing, an iron, and more.


Students may use fabric and thread located in the bins in Knapp free of charge, as those supplies are donations to the space.

Circuitry Supplies

Circuitry supplies are available on the shelves in the FabLab section of Knapp. These supples are first come, first serve basis. Please direct questions to wellesleymakers@wellesley.edu.