Making and Fabrication


The Fabrication Area of the Knapp Media and Technology Center is currently closed for Terms 1 and 2 in Fall 2020. This means there is no access to the multimedia editing suite, 3D printers or the sewing machine. Students can still use the physically distanced computer lab stations. We appreciate your understanding. If you have any questions, please email

Making and Fabrication

The Knapp Media and Technology Center strives to work in collaboration with both faculty and students, helping them with personal and academic projects. A big part of this collaborative work includes what we generally term "Making and Fabrication." We call it "Making" to encourage projects of a wide variety of mediums; from Adobe Creative Cloud to Virtual Reality, or circuitry to 3D printing, we consider creation in nearly any form a valid one of making. More specialized resources exist in other makerspaces on campus, including the Wellesley Engineering (WE) Lab*, machine shop*, and many of the art student spaces in Pendleton West**. Members of the Wellesley College community can find support on campus for just about any kind of project they can imagine!

Below is a list of the resources offered, separated by location. To see what each location has to offer, simply click on the "+" icon.

Click on a hyperlinked resource in the Knapp section to visit its support page.

Wellesley Engineering (WE) Lab*
  • 3D Printer (Dimension 1200es Stratasys)
  • Laser Cutter
  • Machine Shop*
  • Silhouette Desktop Vinyl Cutter
  • Soldering Tools (misc.)

To learn more about the WE Lab, visit their website or contact Amy Banzaert at Additionally, drop in hours can be found here.

Pendleton West**

To learn more about the resources in Pendleton West, reach out to the Art Department via their Contact page.

*Both the WE Lab and Machine Shop are currently being housed in the basement of Beebe while the Science Center undergoes renovations.

**Please be aware that resources in Pendleton West are reserved for students enrolled in art courses. If you are interested in using resources located here, please contact the Art Department.