Digital Media Lab

Knapp Digital Media Lab

The Knapp Center houses 17 Macs, 12 VR-Ready Alienware Desktop PCs, and 2 Wacom screens. Our computers hosts a variety of software applications, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud (Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, and more), the Autodesk Suite, Blender, and many more tools to help community members create any type of media project.
Software documentation can be found by visiting our repository of student-created guides. If you're interested in learning Blender, we recommend BlenderGuru's Youtube series.


Need help?

Production Consultants staff the Knapp Media and Technology Center during the evenings and can help with multidisciplinary multimedia projects, whether for a class, club, or hobby.

NEW: Like your professor's office hours, you can either make an appointment in advance, or just drop by during their shifts!

Click on a Consultant's name to find a list of software or hardware they specialize in.
You may need to scroll down within the calendar window to view shifts hours.

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Free software alternatives

Adobe software is made accessible on Wellesley-owned computers only. Here are some of our recommendations for free alternatives to Adobe software that you can download and run on your personal computer.

Note: While Knapp doesn't officially support some of the alternatives listed, our staff and student workers may be able to answer questions anyways!

Need equipment?

Production equipment, like DSLRs and advanced recording kits, can be borrowed from the Knapp Equipment Desk.