Sharing Files

Google Applications: Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.




Note that the registrars office should automatically add you to a Sakai site at the beginning of every semester, unless you are an auditor or off-campus student.
If you can't access the site, email your professor or contact the Help Desk, or x3333.

My Workspace:

  • Resources: Allows you to upload  your own files to Sakai for a backup incase you don't have hard drive, USB, or your computer crashes.
    • To use Resources you'll want to select the tab and then the grey box titled Upload-Download Multiple Resources. From there, you'll be given instructions yo follow based on your operating system.
  • Preferences: Changes the order of your course sites and allows you to archive past sites that may still show up in the blue header.
    • My Workspace ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Move around the sites according to the directions ⇒ Update Preferences

How to Navigate a Sakai Site:

  • Home: Main page of the site. Will have recent announcements and discussions. Some professors like to link Facebook or Twitter pages.
  • Announcements: Self explanatory. You'll also receive announcements through your email.  
  • Drop Box: Allows for private sharing between you and the professor, who may want you to upload papers or other projects for grading.
    • to upload files select the tab and then the grey box titled Upload-Download Multiple Resources. From there, you'll be given instructions to follow based on your operating system.
    • OR Select the Add button next to the folder with your name on it ⇒ choose upload files ⇒ either drag and drop your files, click the page to open the menu to select your file, or switch to a file browser upload
  • Forums: Professors will post topics or ask you to, as a means to encourage deeper thought and discussion. Your professor will determine if it is graded or not.
    • To reply/respond: Forums ⇒ Select discussion ⇒ Start a new conversation 
    • if you want to see all the responses at once select Display message content
  • Gradebook: If your professor uses Sakai's Tests & Quizzes tab, all your grades from those will display here. Additionally, some professors will choose to manually add your other grades here. 
  • Media Gallery: This tab houses films you may need to watch in your course. The films will be located under the Site Library tab within the Media Gallery. 
  • Resources: You'll find readings, PowerPoints, and potentially a syllabus in this tab, depending on your professor's preference. 
  • Syllabus: Some professors will put the syllabus here instead of or in addition to the Resources tab.
  • Tests & Quizzes: Self explanatory. You'll want to ask your professor about the details involved with the tests and quizzes as they will range based on discipline and class.