When you’re off-campus or traveling and need to access your email and other College applications, review these tips and keep your information secure.

“Secure” wireless access

  • Avoid connecting to open wireless networks in public places, where your online activity can be compromised by others.

Using VPN

  • Use SSL VPN to access on-campus network resources from off-campus over an encrypted connection.

  • In some countries, note that even with SSL VPN that your activity may not be private or secure. Some online content may not be restricted without VPN.

Offline Google options

Back up computer before you go

  • Faculty/staff can securely back up their office computer to CrashPlan Pro.  Note that backups will not occur from off campus unless you are connected to SSL VPN.

Cell phones

  • Contact your cellular provider in advance to discuss options for international calls as part of your existing plan or research cost-effective alternatives, such as Google+ Hangouts.

Securing laptop when traveling

Use a strong domain password to lock your computer. Domain password resets require that you use some combination of letters, numbers and/or special characters of 8 characters or more. Avoid using dictionary words. Instead, use acronyms for things like favorite songs, restaurants or other items known only to you.