Wellesley College - Rhino

What is this software?

Rhino is 3-D software; it runs on both Macs and Windows computers. 

Where to find this software

For Fall 2020, Rhino is available where requested.

You may install Rhino on your personal Mac or Windows computer for coursework.

Installation Requirements

See the Rhino requirements at their web site

In addition to the vendor's system requirements, if you are off campus, you will need to use the VPN to install or use the software.

Install Rhino

  1. Verify your computer meets the system requirements above.
  2. Make sure your computer is on the Wellesley network (using VPN if off campus, Wellesley Secure if on campus with Wi-Fi).
  3. Download the appropriate installer to your computer's desktop:
    1. Connect to the academicstore server using your Wellesley username and password
    2. (you may need to enter wellesley\username instead of just your username)
    3. on a Windows PC: use Start or Run, then type \\academicstore\software
      (Got an error? try academicstore.wellesley.edu instead of just academicstore)
    4. on a Mac, in the Finder's Go menu, Connect to server, smb://academicstore/software
      (Got an error? try academicstore.wellesley.edu instead of just academicstore)
    5. Open the folder containing the installer: facstaffstudents, then Rhino
      It may take a moment for the folders to appear
    6. Open the folder, then drag the Mac or Windows folder to your computer's desktop
    7. Watch the progress of the download, which will take longer on some computers for the installer, as that is very large
  4. Having watched the download until it's complete, find the installer in the folder you dragged to your desktop:
    • on a Mac, you're looking for Rhino_6.28.20199.17132.dmg in the Mac folder
    • on a Windows PC, you're looking for Bootstraper.exe
  5. Run that installer. 
     If asked, say Yes, you really want to run this. If asked, Accept the downloaded installer from the Internet. Accept all the default settings.
  6. After the install completes, launch Rhino
  7. Upon first launch, if you get a warning that you have an obsolete Operating System, read the information and click Continue
  8. When asked for a License, select: Use the Zoo
  9. Select "Use the Zoo server...", and enter LM-Rhino
    Got an error? Try entering LM-Rhino.wellesley.edu 
  10. Once you have confirmed that Rhino is working, delete the installer.