Wellesley College JMP Pro

What is this software?

JMP Pro is data visualization and analysis software, available for classroom and research purposes; it runs on both Macs and Windows computers. 

Where to find this software

Science Center classrooms have JMP Pro version 14.

You may install JMP on your personal Mac or Windows computer for academic research and/or instructional use.   For inquiries related to administrative use, please contact

Installation Requirements

See the JMP requirements at their web site

In addition to the vendor's system requirements, you must install KeyAccess (requires your computer be on the Wellesley network; if off campus, you will need to use the VPN):

Install JMP Pro

If you want to use JMP for administrative use, please submit a request to, otherwise follow these instructions:

  1. Verify your computer meets the system requirements above, and that you will be using JMP for academic purposes.

    JMP 14 is needed for macOS Mojave (10.14)

  2. Make sure your computer is on the Wellesley network (using VPN if off campus, Wellesley Secure if on campus with Wi-Fi).
  3. If you don't have KeyAccess, see the previous section and install it.
  4. Uninstall any older version (or a version using a previous license) of JMP from your computer.
    [Note: Mac OS X requires this step, as well as searching for old JMP installation files (not data files) and removing them; if unsure what should be deleted, move files to a folder on your desktop.]
  5. Download the appropriate installer to your computer's desktop:
    1. Connect to the academicstore server using your Wellesley username and password
      (you may need to enter wellesley\username instead of just your username)
      • on a Mac, in the Finder's Go menu, Connect to server, smb://academicstore/software
        (Got an error? try instead of just academicstore)
      • on a Windows PC: use Start or Run, then type \\academicstore\software
        (Got an error? try instead of just academicstore)
    2. Open the folder containing the installer: facstaffstudents, then JMP Pro
      It may take a moment for the folders to appear
    3. Open the 14 folder, then drag the Mac or Windows folder to your computer's desktop
    4. Watch the progress of the download, which will take longer on some computers for the installer, as that is very large
  6. Having watched the download until it's complete, find the installer in the folder you dragged to your desktop:
    • on a Mac, you're looking for JMP Pro 14.pkg in the Mac folder
    • on a Windows PC, you're looking for Setup.exe (or Setup with a file type of Application in the Windows folder)
  7. Run that installer.  If asked, say Yes, you really want to run this. Accept all the default settings.
  8. After the install completes, launch JMP Pro
  9. If asked, point JMP to the licensing file using the Open License button:
    point to the .txt file in the same folder as the installer (the Mac or Windows folder on the desktop).
  10. If asked about registering the software, you can say you'll wait to do it later.
  11. Once you have confirmed that JMP Pro is working, delete the downloaded license folder and the installer.